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More than 1.46 million families in the UK - that's 4.74 million people - cannot even afford a day out together. They miss out on the positive benefits that spending time together away from the hardest of daily grinds can bring. Our breaks can give struggling families the strength to cope with the many challenges they face in their daily lives.


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The Family Holiday Association helps struggling families get a break. The families we support face some of the toughest challenges life can bring, from severe and sudden illness, to abuse or bereavement. We believe that spending quality time together results in stronger, healthier and happier families and communities.   The holiday funding round for 2015 is now closed. Applications for breaks in 2016 will begin being accepted from November. These are made via our online system by professionals working with families. If you are a family wishing to make an application, please approach someone who works with your family and ask them to refer you.  

Latest News

Charity President, Peter Long: Family holidays are a priority not a privilege

18 August 2015
Huffington Post features post on the charity by Peter Long
"As the chief executive of the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, TUI, and the President of the Family Holiday Association, I've seen both sides of the divide."

Radio Coverage for the charity

17 August 2015
BBC Radio Essex and BBC Five Live featured the charity during their shows on Friday morning.
Both radio shows highlighted the work that we do, and included interviews with John Kinnear from the Programme Team. BBC Five Live featured interviews from families we have helped, on a day trip at Southend.

#SeasideMemories has launched!

20 July 2015
What are your favourite seaside memories?
With the seaside at the heart of what we do, the Seaside Memories campaign is about sharing your favourite seaside memories. Launching with a scrapbook full of contributions from various celebrities, we’d love to hear yours too!

New Record - over 3,000 families helped to have a break this year

06 July 2015
We have hit a record of helping more families in a year than ever before.
In 2014 we helped a record 2,872 struggling families to access a much needed break. This year we have already surpassed this figure with over 3,000 confirmed breaks - anything from a simple day out to a few days in a caravan by the British seaside - and we hope to help even more families before the year is over!

A holiday is for life, not just for summer

22 June 2015
• Family holidays are the source of our happiest, life-long memories
• Emotional, psychological and social benefits of family holidays last long after the break itself ends
New research published today by the Family Holiday Association sets out the life-long benefit of a break away as a family, especially for the increasing number of struggling families in the UK.

A single grain of sand can buy struggling families a much needed seaside holiday.

15 June 2015
OPEN NOW UNTIL 25th JUNE - Jenny Natusch’s debut exhibition 'Sandgazer'
British Artist, Jenny Natusch’s debut exhibition Sandgazer showcases a collection of photographs of grains of sand under a microscope and reveals some of the astonishing colours, patterns and shapes of sand grains from across the globe.