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More than 1.46 million families in the UK - that's 4.74 million people - cannot even afford a day out together. They miss out on the positive benefits that spending time together away from the hardest of daily grinds can bring. Our breaks can give struggling families the strength to cope with the many challenges they face in their daily lives.


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The Family Holiday Association helps struggling families get a break. The families we support face some of the toughest challenges life can bring, from severe and sudden illness, to abuse or bereavement. We believe that spending quality time together results in stronger, healthier and happier families and communities.   The holiday funding round for 2015 is now closed. Applications for breaks in 2016 will begin being accepted from November. These are made via our online system by professionals working with families. If you are a family wishing to make an application, please approach someone who works with your family and ask them to refer you.  

Latest News

A holiday is for life, not just for summer

22 June 2015
• Family holidays are the source of our happiest, life-long memories
• Emotional, psychological and social benefits of family holidays last long after the break itself ends
New research published today by the Family Holiday Association sets out the life-long benefit of a break away as a family, especially for the increasing number of struggling families in the UK.

A single grain of sand can buy struggling families a much needed seaside holiday.

15 June 2015
OPEN NOW UNTIL 25th JUNE - Jenny Natusch’s debut exhibition 'Sandgazer'
British Artist, Jenny Natusch’s debut exhibition Sandgazer showcases a collection of photographs of grains of sand under a microscope and reveals some of the astonishing colours, patterns and shapes of sand grains from across the globe.

It’s our 40th Anniversary today!

28 May 2015
Today, 28th May 2015, is our official 40th Anniversary, and we are marking this occasion by going back to our roots in Southend-on-Sea as part of our Seaside Walk Week.
The origins of the charity can be traced back to Southend-on-Sea, when the founders Joan and Patrick Laurance were offered their own much-needed break.

Glasgow City Council joins the Holidays Matter network.

03 July 2015
Council Leader Gordon Matheson joins photo shoot.
On the first day of Glasgow schools’ summer break one of the country’s largest local authorities joined the Holidays Matter network.

150 Pledges Reached in our 500 for 500 Campaign

29 April 2015
Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far, helping us reach this fantastic milestone in our campaign.
We’re asking 500 of our friends to donate £500 each, as a celebration in our 40th Anniversary year of the roots of the charity, when our founders asked 10 of their friends for £50 each.
Ruth Rendell outside Broadcasting House October 2010

Ruth Rendell

13 May 2015
A patron of the Family Holiday Association
Ruth Rendell died on 2 May and her life has, over the past few days, been the subject of many glowing obituaries that celebrated her almost 50 years of writing. But what many people didn’t realise was her commitment to a wide range of charities including her role as patron of the Family Holiday Association.


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