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Our objectives

The key objectives of the Family Holiday Association are to:

  • Increase the number of families that gain access to holidays
  • Research and promote the value of holidays for families experiencing disadvantage and wider society
  • Increase awareness of the scale and scope of the problem of lack of access to holidays

Our vision is for a society in which the quality of family life is enhanced through equitable access to high-value rest and recreation, regardless of disadvantage or poverty.

Our mission is to work in partnership with others to enhance the quality of family life for parents and children who experience disadvantage as a result of poverty, through the provision of and by promoting access to holidays and other recreational activities.

We’re doing more than ever

In 2017 we have helped over 4,000 families for the second consecutive year, and we are working hard to make 2018 even more successful. We have only been able to achieve this thanks to the wonderful generosity of our supporters.

Our work doesn’t stop. For all the families we help and the many amazing stories we hear, there are even more children, parents and guardians who are crying out for a break away from home. We will never be able to help them all, but we can help as many as possible. So please, help us to help them by giving what you can. It really will make a difference.

For details on our recent fundraising campaigns, please click here.