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Our Staff

The Family Holiday Association employs a dedicated team of core staff covering programme, fundraising and administration.

Meet the team

Kat Lee - Chief Executive open accordion arrow

Why I love my job: We know how important holidays are for wellbeing and it’s so rewarding to support families to take a break and have fun together. Those memories will last forever and can be absolutely transformative.

Kat Lee

Most cherished holiday memory: Getting into the back of the car with my brother (usually at about 4am so we could miss the traffic..!) to head off on a camping holiday. It was always piled high with pillows and luggage and we were squished in between it all. Not knowing where we were going or what it would be like was so exciting.

Favourite destination: I love the wildness of the Yorkshire Dales, my family used to go there a lot when I was small.

Favourite holiday activity: Long walks, a good pint and fresh air are the perfect combination for me!

Favourite ice cream: You can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Jane Sheeran - Finance Assistant open accordion arrow

Jane SheeranWhy I love my job: Because I know how important it is to spend time with the people that you love, and away from stresses that everyday life can bring

Most cherished holiday memory: Any memories of time spent with my daughter automatically give me a smile.

Favourite destination: I have an uncle who lives in Bournemouth so we were lucky enough to be able to go there most summers.

Favourite holiday activity: Building sandcastles and swimming

Favourite ice cream: Lemon and vanilla

Karol - Finance Officer open accordion arrow

Why I love my job: It allows me to be a part of a great initiative, which brings a little bit of sunshine to people going through rough times in their lives. I know from experience that you forget about having time off and tiny pleasures in life during a life crisis. A holiday is a great way to restore mental wellbeing for everyone.

Most cherished holiday memory: Spending a week with my two young sons and my parents in a little cottage in the mountains far away from civilization. We were free from Wi-Fi and devices, and spent the hot days running around bare foot.

Favourite destination: I used to live in West Wittering, West Sussex. I miss the sandy beach and the area, which is fantastic for long walks.

Favourite holiday activity: I really enjoy the peace and quiet of hikes in the woods as the sounds of nature calm me down. After a long walk, I also enjoy a good book with a delicious cup of coffee.

Favourite ice cream: Salted caramel with double toffee sauce

Jax Shaw - Director of Experiences and Impact open accordion arrow

Why I love my job: What’s not to love? I get to work with an awesome team of people every day, whose sole focus is delivering great holidays and experiences to those that need it the most. Knowing that all the hard work means families get to have some life changing and memorable moments together just melts my heart and is the pinnacle of job satisfaction.

Most cherished holiday memory: It was actually last year. We went down south and went to Bournemouth and the New Forest. There was tons to do and we had so much fun on the pier…plus the weather was roasting!

Favourite destination: I love to travel so this is a hard one to pin down for me. I love South Wales as that is where my family are from and I went there a lot as a kid. I’m a big fan of places like the Lake District and Cornwall but I have spent a LOT of time in Skegness over the years and you can’t beat an ice cream on the beach….even in the winter!

Favourite holiday activity: Errrr, oh gosh…swimming, eating ice cream, visiting local museums, exploring town centres, paddling in the sea, arcade games, big long walks at nature reserves, feeding the animals, collecting sea shells and pebbles, horse riding, adventure play grounds…all of the above…but NOT the packing!

Favourite ice cream: Give me a triple scoop of chocolate, vanilla and mint choc chip!

Miranda Jude - Grants and Projects Officer open accordion arrow

MirandaWhy I love my job: It’s very touching and rewarding to hear feedback from families about how we’ve helped them to create special holiday memories

Most cherished holiday memory: I didn’t get to go on holidays as a child, but I do remember a wonderful day trip to London Zoo with my dad and seeing crocodiles for the first time

Favourite destination: Bournemouth. A lovely beach and great fish and chips!

Favourite holiday activity: Anywhere with the opportunity to eat local cuisine and hear music

Favourite ice cream: Salted caramel flavour

Elly Cave - Grants and Projects Assistant open accordion arrow

Why I love my job: I love being able to match each family with their perfect break, and understanding the huge positive impact it will have on them. As well working with a compassionate and dedicated team who truly want to make a difference to people’s lives.

Most cherished holiday memory: Renting a beach house in Cornwall for my birthday with a big group of friends. Will never forget the evening BBQ’s watching the sun set!

Favourite destination: St Ives in Cornwall

Favourite holiday activity: Get me on a beach and I’m happy. Whether it be sailing or sun bathing, that’s where you’ll find me!

Favourite ice cream: Lemon sorbet

Mags Rivett - Director of Income and Engagement open accordion arrow

Why I love my job: I am lucky enough to have done a lot of travelling and been on lots of holidays. Like many others I really look forward to these trips. I really benefit from them and come back refreshed, invigorated and inspired, so I feel I can personally relate to the value we are offering to families when we invite them to take a break.  It makes it much easier to talk to our fabulous families, supporters and partners to feel a personal passion and connection. I love the sheer variety that my role brings. No two days are the same, that’s for sure!

Most cherished holiday memory: We had family camping holidays every year, so we were cramped in the car with lots of kit. It was always an adventure for my brother and I as we went off to find other children to play with in the campsites.

Favourite destination: I’ve been lucky enough to live in a few different parts of the UK and fondly remember my time spent time living in Devon and Cornwall.  So, I love to return there when I can.  I also love Northumberland.

Favourite holiday activity: I am partial to a round of crazy golf even though I am really not that good at it.

Favourite ice cream: Its often not available but I love cherry. Failing that, salted caramel please.

Coral Rushmer - Content Executive open accordion arrow

Coral marshalling at the TUI bike ride 2015Why I love my job: Because every day is new – from discovering innovative ways to raise money for the charity to hearing fabulous feedback from the families we help. It really feels like everyone is working together

Most cherished holiday memory: Teaching my younger sister to swim. At first she could only swim underwater and it took a long time to explain to her that you still need to breathe when you’re swimming! It was well worth it as we always played games in the sea after that

Coral in a holeFavourite destination: Bournemouth beach, because we used to go every year when I was growing up and we stayed with my great-grandma who lived there. Every time I go back it reminds me of the fun days we all spent there as a family

Favourite holiday activity: Walking on the beach and going in the sea (if I’m brave enough)

Favourite ice cream: Mint choc chip

Jemma Appleby - Trusts and Foundations Manager open accordion arrow

Pat and Jemma Appleby

Why I love my job: Working with the finance department gives me a really good overview of how the money raised, in all sorts of ingenious ways, is spent on great-value family holidays for people who really need a break. Seeing the money coming in reminds me just how generous people can be.

Most cherished holiday memory: I love hearing the sound of seagulls. It instantly takes me back to holidays by the seaside; it really feels like I am there again!

Favourite destination: Salcombe in Devon

Favourite holiday activity: It has to be sailing to the beach. Who wants to walk along the coast when you can jump in a boat?

Favourite ice cream: Rum and raisin.

Victoria Simkins - Corporate Fundraising Manager open accordion arrow

Victoria on a zip line in a parkWhy I love my job: As a child, my Dad worked away from home a lot, so I really appreciated the time we had together as a family when we did get to go on holiday. Every family deserves to have those memories, especially after the year we’ve just had. I love being part of a team that gives these families that opportunity to make lasting memories.

Most cherished holiday memory: It was actually the week before we went into the first lockdown. I was on a Center Parcs weekend with my two young nieces, Erin (6) and Kate (4). We had the best time swimming, riding horses, drinking hot chocolate and playing on the swings.

Victoria playing with a bat and ball as a childFavourite destination: Gwithian Beach, just east of St Ives, Cornwall.

Favourite holiday activity: Playing cards with my brother, mum and dad every night after dinner and laughing about the day we’d just had.

Favourite ice cream: Salted Caramel or Mint Choc Chip…or both!