Charity of the Event

LisaBeing the official charity partner at an event offers an array of benefits – as well as the chance to raise funds, there is the opportunity to meet new people who may not be familiar with the charity. We can update people about our latest campaigns and share some of the wonderful family stories. 

These events can take many forms, be it awards ceremonies, dinners, annual parties or conferences.

You should have all received a link to the Events Google worksheet (click here to view).

As a reminder, this features three sections: Travel & Tourism events where we have established contacts / previous history, but would welcome support for further contact; Our ‘wish list’ events – where we do not have an established contact and would benefit from an introduction; Any other events not mentioned that you can assist with.

This worksheet is designed specifically to generate more contacts to approach to be the official charity at events. Any introductions you can facilitate will be a huge help, so if you can take a moment to have a scan of the list and add your name alongside any events you feel you may have some influence with, that would be very much appreciated. We will then contact you about the best way to approach them and take it from there!