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Make a Pledge, Make a Difference

Our exciting new campaign that’s launching next month

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on an exciting new fundraising campaign called Make a Pledge, Make a Difference. It will launch to coincide with the start of British Summertime on the 25 March.

The campaign is centred on ‘The Starfish Story’, adapted from The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley. You may recall we used this as a small part of our 40th Anniversary messaging, and it had such a heartfelt response that we wanted to develop it and base fundraising activity around it.

The touching message of the story is that small acts of kindness can still make a huge difference to individuals, even if we’re unable to help everyone in needThis message is obviously at the heart of everything we do at the Family Holiday Association.

We are in the process of developing animated characters that will appear in a video, for us to use throughout the campaign. We can’t promise a Pixar production, but we are quite excited about it nonetheless!

Here’s how you can get involved…

The idea of Make a Pledge, Make a Difference is for companies to pledge to engage in some sort of fundraising with their office teams or customers between the start of British Summertime and the end of the summer holidays, to show that lots of little actions can make a big difference when we all come together.

We are creating a Make a Pledge, Make a Difference section of our website, where we will reveal our launch partners on Friday 23 March and explain how they are getting involved. We will also announce the pledge on social media and ask the new supporter to do the same, to help create a buzz around the campaign. Plus, we’ll be sending out special Starfish packs to everyone involved!

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, then please do contact Izzy at