Apply for a break

We are pleased to announce exciting news about the coming season.

In 2020, we made the difficult decision to cancel almost all of our breaks due to the pandemic. We set out 5 key conditions and used them as the benchmark to help guide us in our decision making. As the summer season is fast approaching, we have been closely monitoring the current situation and the restrictions that are in place that affect UK breaks.

Taking everything into account and subject to lockdown restrictions lifting as planned by the government, we plan to start operating breaks for this season from Friday 28th May onwards.

We have a large number of families that had breaks booked for 2020 that were unfortunately cancelled. We are now focusing on transferring these bookings over to 2021 and have started to send out break offers for these families. We know that those families that have been so patiently waiting will be thrilled to receive an offer of a break and we can’t wait to welcome them!


How to Apply for a Break

All families must be referred by someone working with them in a supporting role. This ensures we assist those who most need our help and means the families get the support they need to prepare for their break.

Our Referrers work or volunteer for a variety of organisations including schools, children/family services, children’s centres, other charities such as Barnardos or Shelter, refuges and domestic abuse support teams, and housing associations.

If you want to register with us as a referrer, please visit our Advice For Referrers page first. To register with us as a referrer, visit the Referrer’s Area. We will get back to you with your log-in details or a request for more information within one working day. Please make sure you have read our Frequently Asked Questions and our “What Happens Next?” pages.

If you are a family looking for help with a holiday, please visit our Advice for Families page.