Apply for a break

refareabuttonregisterbuttonEach year we help thousands of struggling families in the UK to access a break, be it a simple day out or a few days in a caravan at the British seaside.

All the families we help are referred by someone working with them in a supporting role, such as a teacher, social worker or health visitor. This ensures we assist those who most need our help and means the families get any support they need to prepare for their break.

We cannot accept direct requests from families. But if you would like to make an application on behalf of a family, or simply learn more about the work we do, you’ll find all you need to know in this section.

Please note that apart from days out in Scotland we are currently closed for applications, having allocated all of our funds.

It is still worth registering with us so we can keep in touch with information about upcoming offers and opening for  next year’s applications.