Apply for a break

That’s a wrap & thank you

We are now closed for applications for 2021

We are now at the end of our 2021 season we wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all referrers and suppliers for all of their help and support during 2021. Thank you as well to all of the amazing families that travelled with us this year and for sharing your stories and feedback. Every single one means so much to us.

Update on 2022

We have started planning 2022 already and have a lot to do over the winter. We will be making some changes over the winter to how we work with referrers and families. Please do keep an eye on the website for information from us about those changes.


How to Apply for a Break

All families must be referred by someone working with them in a supporting role. This ensures we assist those who most need our help and means the families get the support they need to prepare for their break. If you are thinking about becoming a referrer then please visit our Advice For Referrers page.

If you are a family looking for help with a holiday, please visit our Advice for Families page.

We are currently closed for new applications for breaks and also to become a referrer. Please check the website again for news on when we will be open again.