Advice for Referrers

Who should be a referrer?

All the families we help must be referred to us by someone working with them in a supporting role. This ensures we assist those who most need our help and means families get the support they need to prepare for their break.

Referrers work or volunteer for a variety of organisations including:

  • Schools
  • Children / family services departments
  • Health visitors
  • Children’s centres
  • Charities
  • Refuges and domestic abuse support services
  • Housing associations
  • Community health teams

Referrers should not be related to the family that they are referring or have a close personal friendship.

Identifying risk

A vital part of the referrer’s role is to assess whether a holiday would cause or increase risk within or to a family, and we require that our Referrers are able to judge whether a break is right for a family at the time of application, and then again just before they are due to go. Please see our Risk Factors document for more information

How long will the whole application process take?

From application to a family returning from holiday usually takes between two and six months, depending what time of year the application is made, and how far in advance a break is booked and what availability we have.

If you are likely to not be working with the family for the duration of the process, please consider whether you are the right person to make the application to us.

We have a web page that describes the process from start to finish.

This doesn’t sound like me!

If you know a family who you think would benefit from a break away, but you don’t feel you’re able to meet the points above, your role with the family could be in supporting them to find someone who can refer them. This is often something families find difficult. We have found from the list above that people working in schools, social care and in health visiting teams know families well enough to make the application.

To register with us as a referrer, visit the Referrer’s Area. We will get back to you with your log-in details or a request for more information within one working day.