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COVID-19: Five key conditions

As the UK takes its first tentative steps out of lockdown, we are keeping a close eye on the situation to see when we may be able to start giving families breaks again. Families whose circumstances made everyday life hard without the added pressures they now face.  And families who are now experiencing hardship as a direct result of the current crisis.

We want to help.

When we start up our breaks programme again it will be because government guidance allows it and five key conditions have been met:

Is there anywhere to go?

Our accommodation and attractions must be open for business and have resources in place to support families before and during their breaks. Many have seen periods of extended closure and staff furlough and it will take time for their operations to be up and running smoothly.

Is it safe to be there?

We must be sure that the right measures are in place to minimise the risks of COVID-19 transmission on our breaks. Enhanced cleaning regimes for accommodation and adherence to the guidelines for social distancing must be observed.

Will it be fun?

We must be confident that the experience families will have on a break will be a positive one. Social distancing measures may limit their interaction with others and access to entertainments such as pools, visitor attractions, restaurants, and other facilities such as shops and laundries.

How will families get there?

We must be sure that families will be able to get to and from their breaks and that we are not exposing them to unnecessary risk along the way. Since this usually includes the use of public transport, capacity in the network and facility for social distancing during travel will be important.

Will there be support in place?

We must be confident that families have enough support from their referrers to ensure they can prepare for the break effectively and return safely. We know many of you have had to change or reduce the support you are able to offer during the crisis and your relationships with families may have changed in a way that couldn’t have been anticipated when you made an application.

At the moment these conditions cannot be met. However the situation is changing on a weekly if not daily basis and we will continue to monitor and review our decision-making as it develops.

When we can offer breaks again, we will do everything we can to re-book any we cancelled and then move on to processing new applications. In the meantime, we commit to keeping you informed over the coming weeks and months and look forward to the day we can offer our vital services to families again.


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