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Family Fund

If you have a child with a disability you should know about
the Family Fund.

Family FundThe Family Fund gives grants to lower income families with disabled children for things that make life easier and more enjoyable. Grants are given to those raising a disabled or seriously ill child aged 17 or under, to help improve well-being and ease the pressures they often face.

A grant can help with items such as washing machines, fridges, bedding, specialist toys and much-needed family breaks. The Family Fund uses their own eligibility criteria to ensure that it only helps those families who are most in need.

To apply, families must be in receipt of, or prove entitlement to one of the following tax credits or benefits; Universal Credit, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Pension Credit.

An application for a grant must relate to the needs of the child or young person.

We signpost families to the Family Fund if they have a disabled or seriously ill child as they can help with a wider range of things than we can. If a family has already had help this year from the Family Fund for something other than a break then we can consider an application, providing the family meets our other criteria.

For more information

Tel 01904 550 055

Address: Family Fund, 4 Alpha Court, Monks Cross, York YO32 9WN