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Become A Referrer

By completing this form you are applying to become a referrer to the Family Holiday Association. Please note that we do not take applications directly from families – all families must be referred by someone working with them in a supporting role. For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions. You will receive your log-in details within one working day. Questions marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

If you’re working with families in Scotland we are currently running the ScotSpirit project, offering days out to local attractions. If you want to apply for this, it is still worth registering with us.

We have allocated all our funds for all other breaks and daytrips elsewhere.

For applications for breaks in 2018 we will launch a brand new online system in December. This will make it easier to apply, easier to keep track of your applications and will allow us to offer a wider range of breaks in the future. We cannot currently take registrations for this new system but if you work with families outside Scotland please use this form instead so we can keep in touch with you about reopening for applications.

Applicant details

  • Your place of work - where you would like to receive correspondence

  • Why isn't my Local Authority on the list?

    We only have breaks left for families living in Scotland. As nothing else is going to become available this year and as we are going to be using a new online system next year, we are no longer registering people working in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

    Please use this form instead and we will be in touch with you towards the end of the year about registering for the new system for breaks in 2018.