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What happens when I apply for a family?

All the families we help are referred to us by someone working with them in a supporting role, such as a teacher, social worker, health visitor or support worker. A successful application will go through the following steps and will only be “completed” upon us receiving feedback after the holiday.


To make an application you must be registered with us as a Referrer, so you can log in to the Referrer’s Area and complete an application form. You can find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

You can apply for as many families who you think would benefit. We will get back to you with a decision within four weeks of application.

Assessment and Offer

Once you have submitted an application, it will appear in your “My Applications” page with the status “In Assessment”. We’ll assess it and get back to you with a decision as soon as possible.

If we don’t have anything suitable for the family we’ll let you know, and keep the application on file for the current season. If at the end of this period we still do not have anything suitable to offer, we’ll withdraw the application.

All our communication about the application is with you, rather than with the family. We do however send the family a copy of the booking confirmation via email.

Making a booking

The vast majority of the offers we make will be booked online through the Referrers Area. When you receive an offer for your family, this is where you’ll find information about what and where the break will be, and what it includes.

While we’ll try our very best to offer the family something suitable based on the information provided to us in the application, be sure to read all the information with the offer thoroughly to make sure it will work. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

We’ll ask you for the family’s names, dates of birth, address and contact details at this point.

Pre-break preparation

Before the family take their holiday you may need to work with them to ensure they are able to make the most of the opportunity. This might include clarifying their expectations, helping them with travel arrangements and working out what they would need to take with them.

If we have offered a contribution towards the family’s travel costs, we will send it via BACS transfer to your organisations business bank account and aim to have it with you six to eight weeks before a break takes place. However this is not always possible, for example with short notice bookings. So if you are requesting a break at short notice and the family need the contribution in order to travel, your organisation may have to ‘front’ the money on the understanding that the funds will arrive afterwards. It is important that families receive this money as far as possible before a break so that they can access the best prices for travel.


The family will take their break! We hope they have a lovely time.


After the family has come back from their holiday we will ask you to complete a feedback form. This is done online, via the Referrer’s Area and there are questions aimed at both you and the family. This should not take more than 15-20 minutes and completing this form is a requirement of receiving a break from us. The application is now “complete”.

Feedback helps us to understand and improve what we do and to demonstrate the benefits of our work: we cannot function without it.

Long-term feedback

We aim to measure the longer-term benefits that a family may experience from a holiday through long-term feedback. We will email you around six months after the family has returned from their holiday with a short questionnaire.

It will be vitally important to us to receive as much of this longer-term feedback as we can, but we understand that it might not always be possible: filling out long-term feedback it is a request, not a requirement! So if you are no longer working with the family, or if there are any other reasons why you are unable to complete this feedback, you can let us know in the form.