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TUI London Marathon Runners

On the 23rd April, some of your colleagues will take on a huge challenge in aid of the Family Holiday Association – the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017! Find out how our very own TUI Team Starfish are getting on…

Jeremy Ellis – Marketing Director

Time is ticking fast (which is more than I can say about my running!) and Sunday 23rd April is now looming heavily around the corner. So far my training is going well and to plan, but it’s blummin’ tough going running at night and the weekends. That said, I really can’t believe I’ve managed to run over 150 miles so far this year at an average of 20 miles per week, and yet I’m only half way through my training! Hopefully my Hastings Half Marathon will be great preparation for the big day and the thought of helping less privileged families to have a bit of quality time is a massive incentive. Onwards and upwards (in miles!)

Ryan Simpson – IT Graduate

The training so far is going well however I have started to notice some pain in the legs which is worrying so I’m using this as an excuse to have some extra “rest” days. The whole experience of training so far has been both fun and challenging and really can’t wait to show off after the marathon by wearing my medal everywhere I go for weeks after.

The fundraising is also going well, I’m just under half way towards the £1,500 target. At work we have set up a charity team which meet regularly to come up with fun and interesting ways to raise money, not surprisingly the biggest money earner is selling cake around the office, although we did see a decline in January with the new year, new me phase. It’s great that we have the whole company supporting us!

Tamara Edwards – People & Organisation Change Manager

I started training in December straight after I had signed up (as I knew I had a long way to go), I downloaded a training plan and have stuck to that quite religiously but have been flexible with what day of the week I train (I travel for work and actually want to have a social life at the weekends too!) I completed a half marathon on Sunday 3rd March at the Milton Keynes Festival of Running which really helped me to get a feel for how to prepare for race day!

Fundraising has also been a challenge (but really enjoyable) I have been lucky enough to have great support from family, friends and colleagues but a few of us at TUI have also come together to arrange a couple of bake sales, a large raffle (which raised a third of my target- we set up a group fundraising page for this so friends and family could purchase tickets online too) and we also plan to host a quiz night closer to the big day. If possible it really does help to team up with others for your fundraising, as it makes it more fun plus you have more ideas and know more people between you and your social media accounts!

Clare Bowen – Customer Claims Recovery Executive

Just under 12 months ago I entered a ballot thinking I would never get a place in the London Marathon in a million years and here I am running one of the biggest and bestest Marathons in the world!
Putting on your running gear for the first time after not really doing any exercise and practically passing out on your first mile run was hard work! I’m not a natural runner so I decided to join a running club in my local area which has really helped to keep me motivated especially when you don’t think you can go any further and to get out of bed on those dark cold mornings.
Next week I am taking part in my first ever half marathon in Welwyn garden and its just struck me I’m running a marathon in 6 weeks time! But through it all, a lot of determination , a lot pain and lots and lots of support through friends and family I am so excited for the big day.

Corinne Carter – Retail Marketing Manager

The training has been hard to begin with, in a real silly way my first run I decided to see how far I could go…10k…yea great but totally ridiculous, I couldn’t walk at all after. So once I got past that I got some training programmes and advice from my dad and started smaller. I have found that it has opened so many conversations with new people and getting a running buddy for those long runs, really does help. I signed up for some half marathons to help me build up to it and now I am looking forward to 23rd April. I actually love running now and I never thought I would say that. Every cold or chest infection that stops me running actually makes me angry now…who knew!

Lucy Ling, Senior Account Manager

When I entered the ballot for the London Marathon back in September last year, Sunday 23rd April 2017 seemed like light years away and yet here we are, just 4 weeks away from the big day and I’m wondering where all that time went!

I was so excited to have gained a ballot place in the most coveted event in the UK running calendar, but having spent much of the key winter training period recovering from a lingering flu and a frustrating hamstring injury, my hopes of a decent finish time have had to be somewhat ‘downgraded’ so I’ll be delighted to just be lining up on the start line with all my fellow runners, breathing in that familiar pre-race aroma of Deep Heat, and daydreaming of the pub lunch that will be waiting at the other end!

After having finally regained my running mojo during a recent training run in Ireland, I’ll be spending most of the next month doing a last few long runs, hassling all my friends and family for last minute sponsorship and looking forward to not having to get up early on cold Sunday mornings to run far too many miles along the River Cam!