Summer Fundraising Ideas!

As the summer holidays are well and truly in full swing, why not make the most of the longer summer days by giving some of our fundraising activities a go. They are fun activities to get all the family involved with and raise some money for a worthwhile cause at the same time!

1. Host your own BBQ!

Everyone loves a sunny day – and what better way to make the most out of it than a BBQ? It could take place at your local park, sports club, or even your own garden, and it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

2. Set up a ‘Sports day’

We all have fond memories of our school sports days, so why not bring them all flooding back by hosting your own? Everyone can get involved with egg and spoon, sack race, three-legged races – it’s up to you! You can charge by the person/team and even have a BBQ and drinks sale to maximise donations; so what are you waiting for?

3. Create or participate in a summer fete/festival

A classic summer favourite, a summer fete is ideal for raising cash. You can organise your own, perhaps with your local school, church or workplace, or find a summer fete in the local area and ask to host a stall yourself – cake sales, raffles and BBQs always go down a storm!

4. Create your own outdoor cinema

Perfect for those warm summer nights, a film showing is easy to host and always draws in big crowds. All you need is a permit, projector, a large white sheet/projector screen and a sound system, which is easy to hire out for an evening. You could even sell food!

5. Host a volleyball tournament

Why not take advantage of the sunny skies while they last, and host your own volleyball tournament? People of all ages will be raring to participate – all you’ll need to do is check out facilities at your local park or sports club, set a date, and bring together some teams, who can donate in order to enter.

6. Make it ‘summer dress down day’ at work

No one wants to be stuck in a suit when it’s boiling hot outside, so it won’t take long to convince your colleagues to don their favourite Hawaiian shirts, summer dresses and sunglasses for a day, and donate a pound! You could even host a BBQ at lunch too!

7. Host a giant water fight

Bring back that childhood nostalgia and host your own water fight! Easy to carry out and fun for everyone, all you’ll need is water guns (and lots of them!) and the permission of your local park. Just make sure you bring a change of clothes!

8. Quiz night at your local pub

Easy to do and always popular, pub quizzes are a classic fundraiser – and when better to host one than a summers day? Just contact your local pubs and see who wants to get involved, and you’re well on your way to a successful night.

9. Participate in a charity run

So organising events isn’t for you – why not get fit, and raise cash, by running a race for charity? It doesn’t have to be a marathon; 5,10 or (if you’re really brave) even 20km – whatever you want! Just get your friends and family to sponsor you, and you’ll be a winner in our eyes!

10. Walk some local dogs

If running or hosting isn’t your thing, dog walks are ideal for helping the community and your fundraising efforts. Easy to carry out, all you need to do is advertise in your local area and ask for donations as payment – and if you love dogs, it’s a win-win!

If you would like some charity fundraising materials to help with your activity request one here. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to share your ideas with us on social media!