6 unique places to stay in the UK for an unforgettable overnight adventure

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? If a bog-standard hotel isn’t your kind of scene, and you’re after a different type of experience, then we’re here to give you some inspiration.

You may be surprised to discover that throughout the UK, there are some truly unique places to stay. And we’ve found some of the best for you. Check them out below….

Wild Wellingtons1 Explore nature at Wild Wellingtons, Wales

The name is likely to be enough to entice mini explorers to this family-run eco camping spot, but we’re sure they’ll get excited by the play areas, the beach and the fairy-lit willow den too. Meanwhile, parents can sit back and enjoy the detox that the refreshing countryside of west Wales promises.

Run with love by owners Tom and Sinead, Wild Wellingtons offers outdoor fire-pits for cooking, a decked picnic area, and even an outdoor pizza oven. A real treat is in store.

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2 Behave like royalty in this 14th Century Scottish Castle

Your little ones will feel like they’re in a Disney film when you pull up in front of this stunning, 600-year-old Ayrshire castle. Knock Old Castle offers a fairytale-like no other, and with turrets, ramparts and a local flock of sheep to welcome you, your stay here will be truly magical. Dogs are very welcome.

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Knock Old Castle

3 Hunker down in a brightly coloured Hobbit hole

North ShireIn a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit… and also you and your loved ones, if you book into North Shire, a quaint little abode in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire (see what they did with the name?)

A yellow exterior gives way to a charming little cottage that would be suitable for Bilbo Baggins himself. Maybe you’ll find him hiding somewhere on this former working farm, just 15 minutes from beautiful Whitby? An awfully big adventure certainly does await…

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4 Keep a lookout in a real working lighthouse

Corsewall Lighthouse HotelThe Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel will definitely delight any kids (large or small) who are seafarers at heart. Found on the Dumfries and Galloway coast in western Scotland, the lighthouse was built in 1815 and is still performing its primary function today – as well as offering a unique stay for visitors, of course. See if you can spot the local sea life, admire the deer in the surrounding meadows, take in the views – but don’t forget to look out for sailors in trouble too. Ahoy there!

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5 Sleep in a converted double-decker bus

The Ceridwen CentreWe’re back to Wales for this one, which we’re sure will get the little ones excited. After all, how often do you get to sleep on a converted double-decker bus?!

Found in stunning Carmarthenshire, the Ceridwen Centre offers art and craft workshops, hiking and mountain biking on-site, so there’ll definitely be something available to keep the entire family entertained.

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6 Dream of other worlds in a space pod

We’re staying in Wales, because they really do seem to have the most exciting sleepover opportunities. Take this space pod, for example. Your little astronauts will be beside themselves at the chance to sleep inside this very futuristic UFO… as long as the aliens don’t come calling, of course. We wouldn’t worry – we think you’re probably safe from extraterrestrials in rural Pembrokeshire.

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Apple Camping

We hope this has given you some inspiration for an exciting, unique holiday. So, will it be a castle, a lighthouse, a hobbit hole, a UFO, or a double-decker bus…? We’ll leave that decision up to you.

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