The Benefits Of Going On A Winter Break

Sunshine and sunbeds. Dreamy breaks on sunkissed beaches. When you think of a ‘holiday’ the chances are you’ll imagine a summer beach holiday. Whilst we can’t deny swimming in the sea and building epic sandcastles is fun, winter breaks can be beneficial too.

The Benefits Of A Winter BreakWe don’t just need holidays in the summer. Though travel marketing campaigns may be heavily focused on sunshine – winter breaks are beneficial too.

Never been on a holiday in the colder months? You could be missing out on some of the benefits of getting away and switching off during winter. More than a third (37%) of Brits will go abroad to seek out the sun this winter and 11% take a winter holiday in order to enjoy winter sports.

If you’re wondering if a winter break is worth it, then read on to discover the benefits of enjoying a holiday in the winter….

1. There are health benefits

If you choose to go somewhere where you can get some sunshine, whether that’s Morocco or powdered slopes where the sun hits your skin – you’ll experience some health benefits. Medical experts have suggested that getting sunshine in the colder seasons can help boost your Vitamin D as well as your mood.

Did you know, the strength of the sun in the UK over the winter months is not sufficient to produce enough Vitamin D? Winter holidays can help with this deficit.

2. British winters can get a little depressing

the benefits of a winter breakA winter break can give you something to look forward too over the colder months. It can be easy to get down during the dark, cold evenings and suffer the classic January blues. The significantly shorter days can impact our hormone balance and biorhythms. In fact, 38% of Brits surveyed by Halifax admit that the cold weather brings out a bad mood.

But you’ll feel much better knowing you’ve got a winter break planned, even if it’s only for a couple of days. Having something to look forward to can lift your spirits. So you might just want to book January holidays after all.

‘The psychology of having a winter break planned provides a positive goal to work towards to get you through the bleakest time of the year. Even if you decide to stay in the UK, occasionally escaping everyday life is good for you mentally and physically.’ Dr Gill Jenkins, of the Whiteladies Health Centre in Bristol.

3. You can get all ‘hygge’

If you aren’t jetting off to a sunny destination, you can still improve your well-being. In some countries such as Norway and Denmark, hygge has become a way of life; a way to beating the winter blues by creating cosy social gatherings and intimate get-togethers with family and friends.

In essence, hygge is about feeling happy and relaxed, while enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Winter treatsSo head to a Scandinavian country, light some candles, grab some blankets and maybe a hot chocolate and get in the ‘hygge’ spirit with your family.

4. You get to tuck into winter culinary treats

Oh yes. It’s not all about relaxation and getting away from the stresses of life. Taking a break means you can fill yourself with delicious food, and in the winter months, that means all sorts of yummy treats. Whether you have a few roast dinners in the UK or try local dishes further afield, you can celebrate the joys of winter food.

5. Escape the crowds

Travelling in winter means you’re less likely to be fighting for a spot on the beach amongst a trillion umbrellas. Yes, the winter season presents an opportunity to escape the crowds and go to places that aren’t brimming with tourists (depending on where you go). There’s usually better availability in winter too, so you won’t miss out on some of the nicest places to stay.

6. Help reduce SAD symptoms

SAD is sometimes known as “winter depression” because the symptoms are usually more apparent and more severe during the winter.’

Suffer from SAD? A holiday during the cold season could do you a world of good, particularly if you head to places with a warmer, sunnier climate to get some family winter sun.

7. Save money by going off-peak

According to research by Halifax, the average cost of a winter holiday £840. If you opt to go on holiday somewhere where it’s off-season or where they have fewer visitors in the winter, you can benefit from cheaper prices and enjoy a lovely holiday for a fraction of the cost.

8. Experience the magic of a snowy wonderland

Winter snow holidays are totally magical. They help you to get in the Christmas spirit and offer a completely different vibe to your average summer hol. Snow, Christmas markets, pretty lights…what’s not to love? Apart from the cold of course – but you can just wrap up in your cosiest jumper and coat.

Going on winter holidays also helps to broaden your horizons because you end up going on winter escapes to places that you wouldn’t normally go to – instead of the usual summer holiday hotspots.

The benefits of a winter break

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