Children’s Mental Health Week

A break is so important for the mental health of children, particularly young carers.

Being the main carer for a parent at such a young age can really take it’s toll. At a time when other children may have very little pressure, young carers have taken on huge responsibility. Missing out on the simple things that other children are doing – like meeting friends after school, joining local clubs or just lazing at home – can often leave them feeling isolated and that they’re the only one in this situation.

Children's mental health weekOne of the most important aspects of a young carers role can be the emotional support they provide; being there for their parent when they’re lonely and often unable to leave the house, reassuring them when they feel low, and the worry of leaving them alone to go to school.

59% of the families we helped to have a break in 2019 suffered from mental health issues and 18% were young carers.

Family time spent together away from the day-to-day environment can revitalise a relationship, reducing stress and worry. The wonderful memories created can be long-lasting, as something to think back on in the tougher times ahead.

Even a simple day out can have an enormous positive impact on a young carer. And on a break with a group of other families in similar situations, the impact can be even more dramatic. With the support of the rest of the group, the young carers can run and play like children again, build new relationships and realise that they’re not alone.

“When they came back, they had so many stories to tell; they were raving about it for days. The break really refreshed their perspective on their relationship and gave the young carer and her Mum some quality time together. They are more positive, focused and appreciative of the things they do have. There really is a lot to be said for the seaside and how it can offer a breath of fresh air. All the families I have referred are buzzing after their breaks.” – Referrer from a Young Carers Group

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One day can be all it takes