Easter Fundraising Ideas

The days are getting lighter, the daffodils are beginning to make an appearance and we all have a new-found spring in our step which means Easter is just around the corner!

Easter is an egg-cellent time to leap into action and take part in some fantastic fundraising activities. Have a look at our suggestions below:

Easter egg hunt

Pick a location of your choice such as your office and hide chocolate eggs around the place. The person to find the most eggs is the winner! You could heat up the competition by adding clues. How you use this as a fundraising idea is completely up to you– either charge a small amount of money to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt or use it as part of a bigger event with refreshments, a raffle and other fete activities.

Easter egg decorating competition

Release your inner Picasso and let your egg be the canvas in a great Easter activity for children or adults. Each contestant pays a small entry fee and has the chance to win prizes for the best design. You could even draw the faces of your colleagues and guess who is who!

Pin the tail on the bunny

Draw a large bunny on a large piece of paper or card. Make a tail from cotton wool and get a pin and blindfold at the ready. Line your players up and take it in turns to see who can pin the bunny’s tail closest to the right spot! Make the challenge a little harder by spinning  each player before they try to pin the tail.