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The Family Holiday Association recently partnered with C4Urselves, the ethical online community dedicated to celebrating & enhancing our experience of the world, as captured by ordinary, and extraordinary people. We asked founder Federico Moscogiuri to explain why he started the business.

Penhale Sands, Cornwall

“Happiness means many things to many people and at different times. However we define happiness, our memories play a key role in how we experience the world. What we’ve seen, felt, experienced – these things are all unique to each of us, but they’re equally important to all of us.

“Think about it. Have you ever experienced a moment in time, and wanted to capture it forever? Or wished you could share it with someone else? Or wondered what it would be like to experience things and places we know we probably never will?

“For a very long time I have felt that there would be nothing better, nothing more significant, than being able to share our best memories with each other, allowing each of us to partake equally in our experience of the world. Whether to inspire, to provide pleasure, or simply to share. Eventually I settled on capturing a much smaller fragment of our lived experience, and of the world around us. And that is how C4Urselves was born.

“The form it takes is quite simple: it is, on one level – and for now at least – a website with lots of videos of places, taken by people from anywhere in the world, accessible to anyone else in the world, where anyone con view, share, comment and upload their own videos. But what it tries to be is something more than “just” a repository of videos of real places taken by real people. We want to be a place which people want to go to experience the world, as seen through someone else’s eyes. As if they were there, even just for a brief period of time.

“The reason I set up C4Urselves is the same reason I’ve supported the Family Holiday Association for many years. What’s actually more precious than the gift of a beautiful experience, and a beautiful memory?

Honister Pass

“Some may find this trivial. What’s a holiday, or a nice memory, compared to fighting injustice, or climate change, or world poverty? But to someone who has very little, a little goes a long way. To someone who may never travel, being able to experience a glimpse of what it’s like to be somewhere entirely different can make a big difference. And for all of us, it adds colour to our experience of the world.

“I hope you’ll have a look at our website, follow us on social media, and take some time to explore the videos that I and many others like me have already placed on there. I hope you find it interesting, and engaging. And perhaps add your own videos. Every place, every experience tells a story – tell us yours.”

About C4Urselves

C4Urselves is an ethical community exclusively dedicated to celebrating and enhancing our experience of the world as it really is, as captured and shared by people from all over the world.


We are a social enterprise motivated by three things:

  • Celebrating and providing an authentic experience of the world as it really is
  • Capturing the world as it is today, for tomorrow – before it changes forever
  • Helping to drive a revolution in person-centred online communities

We do this by providing a free online platform for anyone, anywhere, to share short videos of what it’s actually like to be in a particular place.

This could be anywhere: the streets of your hometown, a path through the woods, a place you’re visiting for the first time. What’s ordinary to you could be extraordinary to someone in another part of the world. No commentary: just sights and sounds, as if you were there in person.

Our values underpin everything we do:

  • We are authentic. Our videos are made by real people, in line with clear criteria, with no corporate vested interests and no commentary.
  • We are transparent. We don’t want to know everything about you, we won’t harvest your data, and we won’t sell your details on to third parties.
  • We have integrity. We exist only for the love of sharing with others what a place is really like, from your eyes.

Accordingly, our business model is based entirely on partnerships and sponsorship from like-minded organisations which share our values. This allows us to be true to our word, and to keep the service free for all of our visitors and registered users worldwide.

Come see for yourself:

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