First families of the season to enjoy break this month

Families enjoy breakIn March, the new holiday season begins and in the first week alone we will be sending 23 families away to enjoy a much-needed break from home.

Families will be spending a few quality days together in a caravan at a holiday park by the British seaside. As these families are affected by difficult circumstances, experiencing a break away from home together can offer welcome respite.

For many of the children we help, a seaside break offers the chance to paddle in the sea, build a sandcastle or fly a kite for the very first time. The joy of simply seeing other people smile can lift them out of their everyday cares and worries, and enrich their lives forever.

We had a fantastic response to our 500 for 500 campaign last year and as a result, 11 of the families will be enjoying a break donated by Haven at four caravan park sites across Britain.

The rest of these families will be staying in one of our 16 Family Holiday Association owned caravans, which can be found at eight locations along the British coastline.

To show you where our caravans are, we’ve created the activity sheet below. Can you match our caravans up to their location name?

Pride of Place- Families enjoy break