7 Fun Seaside Activities To Do With Your Family

The seaside is a place for excitement and adventure, with soft, sandy beaches and crashing waves making the perfect backdrop for some fun-filled group activities. Here are seven of the best for all the family, including your four-legged pals!

Here are just 7 things to do for a family fun day out by the seaside!

1. Organise a Scavenger Hunt
From seaweed to endless different types of shells and pebbles, the seaside is the perfect place for such an event. Make a list of things you can typically expect to see when on sandy shores, and watch the kids’ faces light up when they tick them off.

2. Throw a Beach Barbecue
There’s something comforting about chucking a few sausages and burgers on the Barbie, whilst watching the waves roll in. Better still, it’s a great time tuck into some grub whilst bonding with the family and taking in the view.

Not everywhere will allow for such an experience but luckily, there are plenty of beaches that make this a possibility. Both Brighton and Bournemouth beaches allow for some seaside grilling, whilst Constantine Bay in Cornwall hosts grassy sand dunes and tumbling waves, making it idyllic for such a feast.

3. Make a splash!
Or rather, a skim. Skimming stones is one of the oldest but most rewarding activities you can do at the beach, whatever you age. It’s also one that’s harder than it looks!

Firstly, grab the kids and gather armfuls of smooth, flat stones. Then head on down to the shoreline and one by one, launch those stones into the sea, with a view to get in a few bounces before they drift down to the bottom of the sea. Even Rover can get involved!

4. Get your game on
Whether it be throwing a Frisbee, chucking a ball around or playing a good old game of rounders, the beach provides an ideal space for getting active and drying off after a cool dip. And where else can you play a competitive family game of beach volleyball?

Girl with crabIf you head down on a particularly windy day, you could even pick up a kite and watch with the children as it weaves through the skies.

5. Catch a Crab
Net? Check. Bucket of water? Check. Bait? Yep. Head on down the rockpool and watch your kids revel in delight as they uncover hermit, shore and spider crabs. Just always make sure you pop your new six-legged friend back where into the pool for the next family to enjoy.

6. Build a Raft
Get creative with the kids and channel your inner adventurer by making a cool raft. For the main piece of the raft, you’ll need something that floats and driftwood is popular choice, which luckily most beaches are adorned with. Grab some string – or that isn’t handy, try super strong seaweed! And get set to become Captain of the sea (ahem, and coolest parent).

7. Feel the sand between your toes
There’s no better place than to relax at the end of an action-packed day by kicking off your shoes and going for a gentle stroll. Hand-in-hand, sink those weary feet in soft, smooth sand, find a secluded spot of the beach and breathe in that salty, sea air. Altogether now, ‘ahhhh.’

Blog post contributed by: Kiri Nowak a.k.a The Content Wolf, Pack Leader of The Content Wolves