Fundraising ideas for Halloween

Everyone is up for a bit of ghoulish fun on Halloween and it’s a great opportunity to get some pennies in your fundraising cauldron!

PumpkinHere are a few ideas to get you started:

Theme the room

No matter what your circumstances, some simple props can make a scarily big difference!

Halloween hunt

Get some small props and hide them around the office and see how many your colleagues can find. You could turn it into a competition with a small donation to enter. Or ask for £1 if they find them all, and £2 if they don’t!!

Halloween cake sale

It’s amazing what you can do with a little food colouring and a sprinkle of imagination! If you are looking for inspiration, search for ‘Halloween cakes‘ or ‘Halloween cup cakes‘ and get baking!

Trick or treat?

Adapt the popular activity, offering a variety of treats in return for a small donation.

Pumpkin carving

Always a favourite at this time of year! Organise a friendly competition between friends or colleagues or maybe pick a theme and challenge those creative spirits!

Whatever you decide, have some fun! Just make sure you are home before it gets dark….

Halloween pumpkins