Why A Holiday Or Day Out Is The Most Magical Gift For Families In Need

There’s no better feeling than heading to the shops and picking out a fantastic gift for a person or family who’s going through a challenging time in their lives. When you stumble upon the perfect find, you know you’ll be able to bring joy and provide a moment or two of happiness during a really tough period.

Paradise Wildlife Park - The Most Magical GiftBut what if you could give something more unique than a typical, store-bought present? What if you were able to offer a family going through a difficult time something to make things that little bit better? Or perhaps you could provide the extra special gift of some quality family time?

Here are three reasons why giving the gift of a holiday or a day away for a family in need would make the most magical gift of all.

A chance to spend quality time together

If a family is already experiencing a difficult time, whether it be due to illness, financial strain or perhaps they’re entering an unexpected new chapter of their lives, often it feels as though the time spent together at home isn’t one of value. It could even be that a particular member of the family isn’t able to spend much time at home, making the chances of spending dedicated time together quite slim.

The gift of a holiday is an incredible opportunity for some real, quality, family time together away from the stress and strain of it all. Getting to experience another place whilst in the company of loved ones, even just for a day, is a chance to be together, reflect upon a particular situation and even treat the mind, body and soul.

An opportunity for adventure

Sheffield Young Carers - The Most Magical GiftThere’s nothing better than heading out for the day to embrace a much-loved activity or get hands-on with a new adventure. Whether it be an afternoon cycling to get the adrenaline pumping, a walk in the woods discovering nature, or a set out to learn a new skill – with a bit of effort you’ll find lots of local clubs and organisations offering trial sessions, often at no cost.

By giving the gift of a day out to a family who is struggling, whether this is down to financial, emotional or physical troubles, you are giving them the chance to embrace something they love or to try something new and exciting. Either way, it’s a chance to get away and enjoy an escapade or two away from the challenges of normal life.

The ability to escape from the routine of everyday life

When things get tough, undertaking the same day to day activities or household chores can become overwhelming. It can also be a reminder that the current situation is all a family has to look forward to. This is where a holiday or a day out, away from the routine of life could be just the thing to change someone’s mindset.

Edale trip 2018 - The Most Magical GiftBy offering a family in need such a special gift, you’re not just offering an object, you’re offering the chance for them to escape the routine of life, and look forward to a fun activity or simply relax into a leisurely break away. What’s more is that you’re offering them the chance to make lasting memories together. And what could be more magical than that?

To find out how you can treat a family in need to such a special gift, get in touch with us today and speak to our friendly team.  You just might get the chance to change someone’s life for the better.

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