How To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car Journeys

How To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car JourneysI spy with my little eye…

There are some travel games that will never go out of fashion, with ‘I-Spy’ being a hot favourite. Take some time to get up to speed with the most popular ones, such as ‘The Bong Game’, whereby one person in the car has to answer questions about themselves for a whole minute without saying yes or no. If they slip up, they get the ‘BONG’ and they’re out of the game.

There’s nothing like a vintage car game for some family engagement!

Turn up the beat
Music can transform a somewhat dull car journey into one of discotheque proportion! But be careful to pick some songs that will appeal to all on board, as you don’t want whoever’s driving to end up with a huge headache, courtesy of the Disney soundtrack on repeat. Unless that’s your style of course…

Go-go gadgetHow To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car Journeys
Travelling is one of those occasions where some drawn-out screen time can be really rather beneficial for keeping the kids engaged. If you don’t want your child to spend too much time on these devices, a long car journey could be an example of a little screen time treat. Download a film or a game that will keep them entertained for a chunk of the journey.

You can’t go on a cross-country car adventure without packing some goodies and what better way to keep the kids from being bored than with their favourite snack? Be wary though, as some food can make the car messy, so try to take some sandwich bags and somewhere to store the trash whilst you’re destination bound.

Break it up
Little ones need little breaks, so make sure to stop the car every so often for some crucial leg-stretching. Where possible, try to take advantage of play parks and specific rest stops for some fun along the way!

Tell them a story…
Or better yet, have it pre-loaded for their car journey. Audiobooks are a great way to keep your kids entertained, whilst also providing a little quiet time and a chance for them to brush up on their listening skills! From Harry Potter to Horrid Henry, it’s a chance for your child to escape from the car into another world.How To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car Journeys

Engage with the outside world
There are plenty of things to do inside the comfort of the car, but your kids might enjoy some time just look at what the outside world has to offer. Encourage them to talk about what they see from their window.

A tall tree, striking landscape or animal they’ve never encountered before could be a fun way to keep the boredom from setting in.

How To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car JourneysDocument it!
A really great way to get your kid to fully engage with their travels is to keep a journal. Supply them with paper, glue and stamps and jazzy stickers and they can start to put together a scrapbook, detailing all of their adventures. Better still, this form of activity almost guarantees some quiet time for the grown-ups! Win win.


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