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What does it mean to you?

A glance at a newspaper or 3 minutes scrolling through twitter would tell you that in 2021 a staycation means a break where you ‘stay’ in the UK. Staycation options temptingly suggested to me in the last week have included a luxury treehouse in mid-Wales, a cruise around the UK coastline, and a week-long stay at a spa in the heart of the English countryside, hot-tub and Michelin starred restaurant included.

And whilst these sound perfectly lovely the other important thing I’ve learned about a staycation in 2021 is that you should be a bit annoyed about having one. It’s like, not what anyone would choose, but like, duh, worldwide pandemic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

To be honest its all been a bit puzzling to me because, and bear with me here as its going to get technical, I thought a ‘staycation’ was when you took some time off and stayed at home. Where you normally are. Hence the ‘stay’ part.

Maybe you can help me. If you’re planning a #staycation2021 ask yourself

Will you be sleeping in a different bed?
Will you pack some clean pants and a toothbrush into a bag and take it with you?
Will you leave the worries of work and home behind for the duration?

Ok.. well lots of us have got to work on that last one but let’s face it, if you answered yes then your staycation is actually… a HOLIDAY!

If you’re reluctantly satisfying that itch for freedom and for a breath of fresh air in the UK this year, so what? Big deal.

Because here’s the thing we seem to have overlooked. There are people who have never been on holiday. Lots of them.

They don’t know how great it feels just to get something booked to look forward to. Their kids have never seen the sea. They’ve never stayed away from home together.

And if you’re a parent, time is against you. The kids won’t be up for it forever and another year has just clocked past. No family memories. No break away from, well, everything.

So let’s call that staycation a holiday. Because that’s what it is. And if you think, like we do, that every family should be able to look forward to a holiday, find out more about what we do at Family Holiday Association and why we believe holidays are a lifeline.


Kat Lee, Chief Executive

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