Keeping the kids entertained on the road: 5 Top tips

How To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car JourneysLong journeys and kids never mix well and if you can’t stand the thought of yet another game of ‘I Spy’, or the constant repeat of, ‘Are we there yet?’ we’ve got some tips for you to make your journey that little bit more bearable.

With a little bit of imagination and preparation you will reach your destination in no time, keeping everyone safely occupied the way through. And you never know, the kids might actually enjoy car journeys in the future.

Before setting off on your road trip, have you checked your child’s booster seats are suitable for and comply with the child seat safety regulations? If you are unsure whether you have the correct car seat, take a look at this car seat calculator to make sure your children are protected on the road.

Read on to find our five top tips for keeping the kids entertained on the road.

Colouring bookColouring books
An obvious and simple way to keep the little ones quiet. Colouring books keep the kids concentrating on something and expands their creativity. It’s something that seems very basic yet will keep them engaged and busy while you’re travelling to your destination.

Be sure to pack a couple of different colouring books, crayons and pencils, so they have lots to occupy themselves.

Audio books
An audiobook can be great way to pass the time on the road. You can buy these from places such as Audible or iTunes and download them on individual devices so that your kids can listen with headphones and be in their own world, inducing a little bit of peace and quiet in the back. Depending on your child’s age, there are so many different ones to choose from and once you’re finished you can discuss their favourite bits with the kids.

Play games
Playing games are a nice way to kill some time while on the road. There are plenty of classic favourites for the car that your kids are guaranteed to enjoy – from I Spy, to Rock Paper Scissors, Simon Says and so much more.

These are old fashioned style games but still great fun – and a great way to get your kids off the electronics for a while, and engaging with the whole family.

Before setting off, sit down with all the kids and create a playlist. This way, you won’t be arguing over what song to play or which radio station to put on. Let everyone choose a handful of their favourite songs and them put them together in a specially-created road trip playlist.

If someone moans about a song in the car, make a rule that their next choice will be skipped. Hopefully this way it stops the moaning and everyone can enjoy their own music.

Busy boxMake a busy box
A busy box is a mixture of your child’s favourite activities and toys in one portable container. Using a shoebox, fill it with dolls, Lego, toy cars or any other item your child loves. If you pack some stickers and some pens inside, they can decorate their own box during the trip too. You could even add a couple of their favourite snacks inside to keep them going.

Hopefully, one or some of the above can help make your journey that little bit easier and keep the kids entertained the whole time.