Margate 1809

The history of holidays: Part One

There have always been holidays but until the middle of the nineteenth century, holidays didn’t mean going away. To coincide with our 45th Anniversary we are publishing a short series of blogs about the history of holidays in the UK. Our thanks to writer and supporter Catherine Randall @Crr1Randall for contributing these articles. As their... Read more »
Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on mental health, with the United Nations warning it could cause a global mental health crisis. Even without the influence of COVID-19, many people struggle with their mental wellbeing and help for them and others will be required long into the future. Around two thirds of the... Read more »
Young carers

The challenges facing Young Carers during COVID-19

Whilst the country has been adapting to the current enforced lockdown, for young carers in particular it has added an extra pressure to an already difficult daily life. In 2019, 18% of the families we helped included a young carer. “[our holiday] was the chance for my daughter, who is my young carer, to have... Read more »

Isolation is a problem at any time

Isolation is the experience of being separated from others. It may result from being physically separated or from being emotionally removed from a community. Does that sound at all familiar? For 42% of the families we helped in 2019, isolation is a daily battle even without the social distancing measures currently in place to keep us... Read more »

Packing Tips For Your Next Countryside Family Getaway

While the UK countryside is known for its unsurpassed natural beauty, it also has a reputation for boasting some of the most temperamental weather conditions in the world. As it is quite possible to experience all four seasons in a single day, it’s important to pack with various weather conditions in mind, regardless of the... Read more »

The world is very unkind to some children

The world is very unkind to some children. Jack was one of them. In his young life he had been through a trauma which affected him so badly that he stopped speaking, and was no longer attending school. Healthcare workers were trying their hardest to help. And one of them, who knew about the work... Read more »

Children’s Mental Health Week

A break is so important for the mental health of children, particularly young carers. Being the main carer for a parent at such a young age can really take it’s toll. At a time when other children may have very little pressure, young carers have taken on huge responsibility. Missing out on the simple things that... Read more »
Enjoy life by the water

Unique Ideas To Invigorate The Family Holiday

The family holiday should be a cherished time of year, but it often leads to frustrated parents – and empty pockets. According to a study reported by the Huffington Post, school holidays will cost parents £126 extra per child just to keep them entertained, with winter often more expensive due to Christmas presents. With other... Read more »
Christmas markets

Family Events This Christmas Season

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s hard to not feel the excitement. For children, it’s such a thrilling time with the promises of no school and presents. For parents and guardians, it’s about treasured time spent together. There are many events happening around the UK this festive season. From Christmas markets to winter wonderlands, there... Read more »