Robert Boland London Marathon 2018

Rob’s London Marathon challenge

I can’t quite believe I am only 15 weeks away from this major achievement. Had you asked me 5 years ago I would have said never to a marathon, never mind the London Marathon! But after dalliances with Triathlons, Bikes and shorter distances, the challenge of completing the marathon seemed to find me. I have... Read more »

Supporting good mental health over Christmas

It’s usually not a surprise when someone says that Christmas is a difficult time for many people. The pressure we experience to be happy, shop until we drop, decorate our homes, bake goodies and more, all makes it hard to not feel overwhelmed. For those dealing with mental health issues, it can feel like the... Read more »
Lucy Royal Parks Half Marathon

Lucy takes on the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

It’s been just over 2 months since I ran the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for the Family Holiday Association, and what an achievement it was! When I was asked by my friend nearly a year in advance whether I’d be interested in running a half marathon on behalf of the charity, I immediately jumped at the... Read more »
Caravan Holiday Park

Why you should consider a caravan park for a family holiday

The majority of the short breaks we provide for our families are in self-catering caravans in a holiday park by the British seaside. They provide a safe, structured environment for our families to make the most of their time together away from the stresses and strains often associated with home life. Here Robbie from Holiday... Read more »
Sand dunes

How Getting Outside Can Boost Your Mental Health

We all know that exploring the great outdoors is fantastic for our all round health, but so often we don’t take the opportunity to go outside. Busy and stressful lifestyle can get in the way, and we may feel like we don’t have enough time to go outside, but even a few minutes can make... Read more »
How To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car Journeys

How To Keep Kids Entertained On Long Car Journeys

I spy with my little eye… There are some travel games that will never go out of fashion, with ‘I-Spy’ being a hot favourite. Take some time to get up to speed with the most popular ones, such as ‘The Bong Game’, whereby one person in the car has to answer questions about themselves for... Read more »

7 Fun Seaside Activities To Do With Your Family

The seaside is a place for excitement and adventure, with soft, sandy beaches and crashing waves making the perfect backdrop for some fun-filled group activities. Here are seven of the best for all the family, including your four-legged pals! Here are just 7 things to do for a family fun day out by the seaside!... Read more »
Family sunset

4 Ways a Family Day Out Can Strengthen Your Family Bond

The benefits of a break are simple but effective. Here are 4 ways a family day out can strengthen your family bond. 1. There’s plenty of time for you to talk to each other And we mean really talk. A dedicated day out can seriously improve communication within your family unit. And whilst we can... Read more »
Becky Bettesworth Cornwall Print

Win a signed Cornwall print by Becky Bettesworth

Earlier this year we were on the hunt for an image to support our North Cornwall walk for Seaside Walk Week when we came across the work of Becky Bettesworth. And stopped there! Her beautifully crafted vintage style posters, inspired by the loveliest coastal towns and beaches in the South West, effortlessly evoke the unrivalled... Read more »
Deck Chair

The Mental Health Benefits Of Holidays

“What we’ve long known anecdotally, we will now prove through authoritative research: travel has a positive effect on health, relationships, business performance and the well-being of communities.” Roger Dow, president and CEO of the US Travel Association. It’s no secret that getting away from it all, even for a couple of days, can do wonders... Read more »