Planning a family staycation that is fun for everyone

Considering a staycation? This term is usually used to describe when you stay in your home country or town rather than flying abroad for a getaway.

Family staycation

Some take this one step further and stay in their own homes, choosing to travel in their cars to somewhere new before returning at night to sleep. Either way, it can cut back the costs of a big family holiday while packing in just as much fun. Rather than jetting off this year, give your home country a try with our top tips on planning a family staycation that everyone will enjoy.

Decide where you’re going to sleep

The first step to planning a staycation is deciding where it is you want to go and the type of accommodation you want to stay in. As mentioned, many people decide to go on day trips before heading home and staying there. This will save you a lot of money, but you’ll have to sacrifice that ‘on holiday’ feeling. There are plenty of other types of accommodation to choose from, with camping, express hotels and Air BnB being amongst the affordable options. Look out for discounted rates on family-friendly hotels and plan in advance to avoid a last-minute hike in price.

Prepare your car and stay safe

Whether you’re sleeping in your own bed or booking a cheap Air BnB in a nearby city, you’ll most likely be doing a lot of driving when you’re on staycation. Consider increasing your safety and offer your car a little more protection when driving through a new area with black box insurance. If you have a black box fitted to your vehicle, this innovative tech features theft tracking and accident alerts should something go wrong when you’re on the road – plus, if you drive safely you could save money on the cost of your car insurance! Make sure you also have the number of your insurance provider with you, as well as some emergency contacts, such as your breakdown cover provider who can help you out if you’re stranded on the side of the road.

Family staycationChoose your activities

Once you’ve settled on a place to visit and where you’ll be turning in for the night, you can turn your attention to the attractions. Just because you’ve stayed in a familiar country, it doesn’t mean you’ll be doing the same old thing. If you tend to visit a particular theme park every year, for example, give this a miss and try visiting somewhere completely new. You may be surprised at just how many quirky activities there are to do in England, including sleeping over at a zoo and even something bucket list worthy, such as seeing the Northern Lights. Do a bit of research into the area you’re visiting before you head off and you’re sure to find plenty of fun attractions to get the whole family excited.

Look for discounts

As well as looking for discounts on accommodation, you should scour the net for offers on events and activities. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save using coupon websites, such as the Daily Mail’s discount page. From spa days for the adults to deals for delicious food, you’ll be able to cut back the cost of you staycation while visiting all the local hot spots. Make a list of the offers and check if you need to do anything to meet the requirements – some may ask you to pre-book, whilst others require you to spend above a certain amount.

Put together a loose itinerary

Putting together an itinerary of activities and restaurants you’re keen on visiting. Consider how long you’ll spend at each place, including travel times and breaks. This way, you’ll know exactly how many of your chosen locations you’ll likely be able to visit. A handy tip is to research when the attraction or restaurant is at its peak business and avoid these times. This allows you to avoid queuing or waiting for service for too long, freeing up more time to spend having fun.

Family staycation

Make sure you are generous with your time in between trips – you’ll never know what could end up delaying you and putting you off track.

Plan a family staycation that is fun for everyone, save some money and see a little more of your local area or discover somewhere completely new and exciting with these tips.

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