Tips for the perfect family picnic

With summer finally here, what better way to keep the little one’s – and the grown up’s – entertained, than a picnic!

Spending time outdoors with the family, yummy food, and a stress-free atmosphere, is amazing, and there are plenty of green spaces, canals, and coastal beaches in the UK, to find your idyllic spot. Not forgetting your own back garden is a great base for a relaxed afternoon with family or friends! Here are few ideas to help ensure you have the perfect picnic setup.

Picnic blanket

Picnic gear:

The only essential gear you will need for a picnic is a blanket, and something to store your food and drink in. Everything else is down to personal preference. Any type of material you can sit on will do if you don’t have a specific blanket, you could even use an old sheet! In terms of food, it is advisable to take a cool-box, or a something you can pop a few ice blocks in, so the ‘chilled foods’ such as cheeses, and sandwiches, are kept at an edible temperature.

With summer in full swing, it is prime picnic season. However, we are full aware in this country, that the weather can be a little unpredictable at times. So, if the clouds appear on your picnic outing, make sure you have sun protection as UVA/UVB rays can still cause skin damage on a cloudy day. An umbrella is also important to have to hand, just in case. Likewise, if the heavens open, there is no need to take a rain check on the picnic. Children love playing outdoors, whatever the weather, and a fun idea is to put up a tent, or den, and enjoy a rainy picnic! Or you can still picnic inside, with a movie or board game.

Cool-box essentials:

Picnic foodThe crème de la crème of a picnic box, a ‘sarnie’ is a necessity, and all members of the family will have their favourites! Good old classics – the Egg Mayonnaise, Ham and Cheese, Tuna and Sweetcorn – taste even more delicious when eaten al fresco. For the sophisticated palates, how about a Beef and Stilton to satisfy those taste buds? Or perhaps you fancy a Royal Family inspired picnic? In which case, a Cucumber sandwich will go down a majestic treat. In our opinion you can’t beat a Jam sandwich!

Salads and pasta’s are great for popping into a picnic box, as well as a selection of cheese and crackers, yummy! A summer’s day is never complete with a variety of fruits. There is something deliciously satisfying about eating berries and exotic fruits, while relaxing in the sun. Not forgetting a refreshing drink – juicy homemade lemonade, ice-cold water, or an iced tea – will really hit the spot!

All the fun stuff;

There are so many different activities you can do on a picnic day, and best of all you don’t have to spend a penny, just bring your own fun! Wherever you pick as your picnic spot, the list of activities are endless – Frisbee, football, cricket, tennis, huge bowling skittles, rounder’s, bikes, quidditch – you name it. If you prefer to relax a bit more, bring along that new book you’ve been eager to read, a painting, a speaker to play some music (just check if the venue permits this, if in a public place), or maybe just people watching. Picnics are fantastic, and you can make them your own! There are many options for spots to spend the day, thing to pack, and activities to do, however the most important element is the people you picnic with, and making the most of your day together!

What are your favourite picnic spots / ultimate picnic essentials? Let us know on social media!

Our thanks to Debbie McAllister for writing this blog.

Picnic by the water