Unique Ideas To Invigorate The Family Holiday

The family holiday should be a cherished time of year, but it often leads to frustrated parents – and empty pockets.

According to a study reported by the Huffington Post, school holidays will cost parents £126 extra per child just to keep them entertained, with winter often more expensive due to Christmas presents. With other reports in The Express finding that 80% of families are tired of beach and sun holidays, it seems to be high time that other, unique ideas find space in the holiday industry – and getting away during winter is a great way to approach this. The good news is that there are plenty of possibilities out there.

Ancient geology in St Cyrus

St Cyrus is a secluded area of Aberdeenshire, far away from some of the more vaunted sights of Scotland. With a long journey ahead, it’s a good idea to prepare for the worst with your kids, and ensure that everything you need is on hand to tackle the likes of motion sickness. Help your kids to stay distracted during the drive, have plenty of materials on hand to deal with any accidents, and most of all, drive safely and slowly. This is especially important in winter. With the epic drive behind you will come epic views. An example of glacial geology, local visitor centres boast the ability to show the lifetime of the very pebbles. St Cyrus is remote, and offers views that would look at home in an ancient fantasy TV show – think the glorious snow-coated landscapes of Game of Thrones.

Enjoying life by water

Enjoy life by the water

Photo by James Homans on Unsplash

Distinctly less remote but just as unique is the Floating Dreams scheme, currently launching from Nantwich in Cheshire. The premise here is quite simple: a holiday spent on a working canal boat, stopping at your leisure on the banks of the North-West’s diverse canal system. That could see you anywhere from Manchester to Lancaster. Ice can sometimes provide a barrier, but much of the system is available in winter and provides a great getaway.

Becoming a monkey

The British, and their kids in particular, love animals, as detailed extensively by The Telegraph. According to Host Unusual, the Treetops development in Chulmleigh, Devon, gives the whole family the opportunity to feel like they are closer to nature. By placing cabins and homes in the trees and providing a wonderful range of nature-related activities, feeling a little monkey-like is a sure way to keep the kids entertained.

History and heritage

In Northam, East Sussex, a 1944 train wagon has been converted into cosy and fun family huts. A big selling factor here is a range of activities related to the active steam train terminal located nearby, providing a lot of inspiration to kids (and especially those with an interest in science). Furthermore, the area acts as a starting point for a wide range of local attractions, including kayaking, boat rides and the historic Bodiam castle. This makes the place a truly central and unique opportunity to keep the entire family engaged and happy.

The family holiday doesn’t need to be a boring and tense trip to a sandy beach. Instead, through some of the weird and wonderful lettings the UK has to offer, it can be a chance for the entire family to connect and be inspired by what there is to see. Make your next holiday more than just a getaway – make it unique, make it fun, and make sure that every minute turns into a treasured memory for every person in your family.

Our thanks to freelance writer Jane Shearer for writing this blog.

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