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Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park

It’s generally recognised that holidays are not just fun but a necessity. Patrick Langmaid, owner of award-winning Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park, Padstow, agrees. Through the park’s One for All initiative, he provides free holidays to people who would otherwise be unable to have one.

One for All dedicates 1% of the park’s hire fleet occupancy to those who need a break, but cannot afford one. It was launched in 2013 by TV treasure, Fern Britton – an open supporter of the park and provides free holidays for around 80 people each year.

Mother Ivey's Bay Holiday ParkPatrick would like One for All to become a business model every holiday park owner in the country can use.

He said: “If, as holiday park owners, we can all do something positive for our communities without disrupting our own business model it has to be worthwhile.

“Everyone wants their children to grow up with happy memories and this scheme has the potential to provide countless positive life-changing experiences for families in need. One for All also helps fill parks during the shoulder months. When I’m at half capacity in April or October I’d much rather give holidays away, even outside school holidays, because sometimes a holiday with your family is more important and beneficial than being in the classroom.”

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