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How funds are used

All of the families we help are struggling with problems such as severe and long-term illness, bereavement, mental health issues, disability and domestic violence. We help families who would otherwise never go on a break; those for whom a holiday is a lifeline, not a luxury.

But what does it cost? Let’s take a nice round figure…

What £500 helps us to achieve:

Two families receive a three- to four-night break

Also comprising a stay in a caravan at a UK holiday park, these short breaks account for the majority of trips we offer. £500 covers everything from accommodation and park entertainment passes to insurance and administration for two families. The beach, of course, is free every time!

A day trip for 10 families (approximately 40 people)

A short break isn’t the best solution for every family. Day trips are often awarded to those who might struggle to spend a night away, perhaps because they lack confidence, have caring responsibilities or need to stay close to home for medical treatment.

A week-long caravan break for one family

£500 enables us to send a family on a seven-night break in a Family Holiday Association-owned caravan by the British seaside. All of our caravans are located in holiday parks, which means that each family can enjoy all the facilities and entertainment the park has to offer, as well as the beach.

Again, £500 covers everything from accommodation and park entertainment passes to insurance and administration, as well as a contribution towards travel costs. All of this works out at just £17.86 per person per day.


Of course many factors, not least the time of year affect how much a break costs. But as you can see, £500 (or any multiple of) would make a real difference. Crucially, it would help us to continue to provide seaside breaks and day trips for families coping with some of the toughest challenges life can bring.

Every day we are reminded of how a simple break away from daily struggles can be life-changing for the families we work with.

Because a little sunshine goes a long way.