Spartan Race

Spartan Race
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    Date(s) - 04/05/2019 - 23/11/2019
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Fun for all, a Spartan Race is not your average race !

Spartan 375x250pxThe Spartan Race is adventurous, adrenaline fuelled and ideal for those who thrive on excitement. Not only will you be running, climbing, and crawling across all sorts of varied terrain but you’ll also get to splash through mud, tackle many unique and challenging obstacles, test your overall strength, balance, mental tenacity and endurance, and finish with a fiery leap of victory!

According to the organisers, it’s “probably one of the most exciting, invigorating and thrilling ways you can choose to spend your weekend!”

There are three different levels:

Sprint  5+ km, 20+ obstacles. The Sprint is a great race for all members of your team. No matter their level, they will feel a sense of accomplishment at the finish line.
Super  13+ km, 25+ obstacles. The Super is designed to push your team’s limits and challenge their physical strength and mental resolve.
Beast  20+ km, 30+ obstacles. The Beast is the pinnacle Spartan Race distance and will transform the top athletes of your squad. No excuses, no mercy, no giving up.


Wrotham, Kent (Sprint & Super) 4 & 5 May 2019
Dublin, Ireland (Sprint & Super) 25 & 26 May 2019
Aston Down, Gloucestershire
(Sprint & Super) 22 & 23 June 2019
Marston Trussell, Market Harborough
(Sprint & Super) 13 & 14 July 2019
Windsor, Berkshire
(Sprint, Super & Beast) 5 & 6 October 2019
Twickenham Stadium, London (Sprint) 23 November 2019

To find out more about the event visit the organiser’s website.

You will be raising money to help struggling families benefit from a much-needed break. For many, it will be the first time they have ever spent time away from home, seen the sea or played in the sand.

Sign up fast, because spots will fill quickly! Simply email or call 020 3117 0657