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Improving Sophia’s Confidence

Now Sophia can stand up to her bullies

Family StoriesTeenager Sophia was hurt badly by the break-up of her mum and dad, and this wasn’t helped by the actions of bullies at her school. Feeling helpless, she cried all the time and her school work began to suffer badly.

Sophia’s mum wanted time for the family to rebuild their relationships, and we were delighted to be able to help. On returning from their visit to the seaside, Mum said: “The break meant my daughter and I became more open with each other. We became less stressed and were able to evaluate our lives. Now Sophia feels able to stand up to her bullies and discuss things with her teacher when problems arise.”

The family’s support worker added: “The holiday gave the family time together away from a painful home situation. They all expressed how much they enjoyed the break. It gave them the chance to be mother and daughter again, to talk and just have a laugh for once.”