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Exploring Filey!

Phew! Well that was a busy couple of months. It’s started to get a little quieter around the park now, as all the kids are back to school. Although there are still plenty of holiday-makers hoping for some last-minute sun.

I know most people are sad to see the end of the summer months, but I for one LOVE the cosiness of Autumn! The sound of the leaves crunching on the ground, the beautiful pink sunsets and crisp, sunny mornings… ahhh, it’s just magic.

The park may be calmer, but I can assure you I’m still working hard to host lots of lovely families! Primrose Valley holiday park really is my happy place, so it’s great to be able to share it with families.  I hear some devastating stories from families who come to stay, but I always feel honoured that I can provide a bit of comfort and respite in their time of need.

A family that has a special place in my heart is the Thompsons. Life at home had been hectic and the family had suffered a loss that had knocked them sideways. The toll of the last year had really got to Mum, Jane and losing someone so important had left her really struggling with her mental health. I knew I couldn’t solve everything, but being able to offer a lifeline meant the world.

The Thompsons

The week the Thompsons arrived, the sun came out in full force! You never can be sure with England… They were over the moon with the caravan which made me smile from wheel to wheel! Their housing situation was all a bit up in the air at home, so having somewhere calm to call home for the week meant a lot to them.

It was just wonderful to watch Jane and her daughter, Lauren spend quality time together without having to worry about what was happening at home. They LOVED the outdoors and going on walks in the fresh air and enjoyed seeing other families happy around them.

I got to hear all about their days spent exploring Filey and the hours on end Lauren had spent searching for books in the charity shops. One particularly sunny afternoon, they treated themselves to an ice cream, which they wouldn’t normally do at home. A change in scenery really can work wonders!

After the break, their lovely referrer told us that the break was just what Mum, Jane needed and that she massively benefitted emotionally from the time away. I think sometimes just knowing that there are other people looking out for you in your time of need can make the world of difference to your spirits.

Shirley the Caravan

I know I can’t solve everything, but I’m glad that some time away has helped the family to relax and feel a little more optimistic about coping with the challenges ahead. And I should say a huge thank you to YOU too! As without your support, I know that I wouldn’t be able to keep helping as many families as I do…

Now it’s time to dust off those cosy jumpers, get out your warm winter boots and I’ll talk to you next month!

Jammin’ the Caravan x