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First Visitors Come to Stay – March

March is one of my favourite months as I get to meet new people! As the holiday season begins, I’m getting super excited about the new families that I get to meet. I’m in great condition after a thorough clean and touch up so I’m back and ready to be home for some lovely families who need a break.

caravan on own no people

The first few visitors of the season are always memorable and prepare me for what’s to come throughout the year. I’ve been slightly lonely over the winter months, so it will be great to hear children’s laughter and happy parents chatting away. It’s the best feeling ever!

This time of year reminds me of the family that I met on one of the first
holidays of last year…

A lovely lady and her grandson came to stay for their first ever holiday together! They felt so lucky to be offered a break by the Family Holiday Association and couldn’t wait to get stuck into all the activities at the park. The little boy was super excited to visit the beach and they spent hours and hours playing together on the sand and splashing in the sea. Grandma even got to take her grandson swimming for the first time and they agreed to go every week when they got back home.

My favourite part of their stay was one evening, when the little boy was recounting all the amazing adventures he had with pirates, fairies and
goblins on the beach… it was just magical to hear his imagination run wild! He didn’t want to leave at the end of the week!

It’s such a great feeling being able to make a difference to families who are living in tough situations and spread some fun and positivity into their lives. This made me really happy and excited for the year ahead.

That’s all from me, I hope you check in next month to hear about my adventures!


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