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Strengthening Bonds – June

Hi all, it’s Jammin the Caravan here! Well June has seen some funny weather – I haven’t known if summer’s been coming or going! But it finally feels as if the weather is heating up in the UK and I can keep my shades on.

Life at Primrose Valley is just lovely at this time of year; the atmosphere is pretty relaxed as the summer holidays haven’t started yet. That doesn’t mean I can put my feet up mind, as I’ve been working hard to host lots of lovely families!

It’s just magic to see the kids brimming with excitement when they arrive. I feel proud as punch when I think of all the fun activities families can get up to. There’s so much to do with a splashtastic indoor pool (complete with a water slide!) plus an outdoor pool and lake – I just wish I could join in with them too!

Over the years, I’ve found that the holiday park can provide the change in environment families so desperately need. The chance to explore, the new adventures to be had and all the activities at the park can do wonders for lifting a family’s spirits.

Maclean Family

One family who sprang to mind recently is the Maclean’s. Circumstances at home had made life really difficult meaning that they rarely got to spend precious family time together. The children’s mum, Kerry, had suffered a serious illness which had taken a toll on her relationship with her daughter, Gemma.

They were in real need of a break and a few days holiday gave them a chance to bond again, away from the day to day. I felt really chuffed to be able to bring a little light into their lives and it was just wonderful to see their relationship blossom over the days they spent with me. At home, little Gemma had struggled a lot with anxiety, so seeing moments where she could start to relax was just lovely.

It was such a joy to see Mum and Gemma cuddling and giggling together as they played board games in the caravan. After dinner they would often take long walks on the beach which was beautiful to see. I overheard them talking about how at home they don’t have a kitchen table to eat at, so the simple things like eating dinner together really meant a lot to them.

At the end of the break Mum said: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this break and the acts of kindness shown by people who enable these holidays to happen.”

As always, I’m humbled and grateful that I can play a part in supporting this family and so appreciative of people like you who help make it happen! I can’t wait to meet another family, who will hopefully be touched by the experience in the same way the Macleans have been.

Until next time.

Jammin’ the Caravan