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The Apprentice game

Back in December, Tom Smethers, Director of Airline Finance, invited his team to take part in a BBC Apprentice-style challenge as a break from a traditional team-building day.

tui-eventsSplit into four teams of approximately eight members each, they were given their brief at 4pm on Thursday 8th December, along with an envelope containing £250 cash for each team. The brief was simple – they had between then and 3pm the following day to turn that £250 cash into as much money as possible, through legal means only. All money over and above the £250 stake would be donated to the Family Holiday Association.

In true Apprentice style, each team chose their name and nominated a team captain. Competition was fierce. Following intense brainstorming sessions on the Thursday early evening, teams started making preparations for their money-making enterprises.

When Friday rolled round, there was already a team of eager car washers taking orders for their services in the main colleague car park at 07:30. Warm brownies wafted around the office, whilst one team ran round desks taking breakfast orders from local fast food outlets.

tui-event-2From 8:00 until around 14:00 colleagues in Wigmore and Marlborough House were bombarded with offers of refreshments, raffle tickets and for one team, the opportunity to ‘freshen up’ when visiting the men’s toilets. Not quite as dodgy as it may sound.

In less than 24 hours, the four teams raised a total profit of £3193.15, with each team having returned their original £250 back less than half way through the day! The Airline Finance team would like to thank all the colleagues that gave generously and supported their fundraising efforts.

“What an inspiring tale of ingenuity and teamwork, we are so honoured that the Family Holiday Association benefited from everybody’s hard work. It made us smile, I’m sure it made lots of people in the office smile – and the money raised will help children and their families smile too. A big thank you for all of this!”
Angie Watson, from the Family Holiday Association.