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Marathon Heroes

corinne-picLondon Marathon blog – Corinne Carter, Wigmore

How are all those new year, new you plans working out? Having entered the Virgin London Marathon I feel like I’ve set myself enough challenges for one year (or two, or three) and a challenge it really is. Having literally done no running at all before signing up, it’s definitely been hard to push myself and get into this thing, which until recently I genuinely hated doing.

So why sign up for a marathon I hear you ask? Well I like to set myself these ‘little’ challenges every now and then, things that I think I would never do but would really like to be able to say I could. So whether it’s been sky diving or now running it’s really a personal challenge I am going for. My Dad had run both the London and New York marathons so many times and I was so proud of it, we would go and watch him and the atmosphere was always amazing. I couldn’t believe anyone could run that far and here were all these people of all ages and abilities going for it!

In the office I had seen the Starfish team, rallying for extra people to run and a little part of me really wanted to do it but I thought; I am so not ready for it. However, sadly we lost one of our colleagues this year, too young and too sudden and I just thought, well if not now, when? When is a good time to actually commit to this and the reality is, life really is too short, if you want to do something, do it!

So I signed up to what I think is an incredible charity, I have really got to better understand what they provide for people and let’s face it, we probably all know someone who could benefit from an escape from a very hard time in their lives. Having the Family Holiday Association as a goal to raise money for, keeps me on track and focused.

corinne-pic-2The training has been hard to begin with, in a real silly way my first run I decided to see how far I could go…10k…yea great but totally ridiculous, I couldn’t walk at all after. So once I got past that I got some training programmes and advice from my dad and started smaller, so far I am up to 9 miles which I think is pretty impressive for me. I have found that it has opened so many conversations with new people and getting a running buddy for those long runs, really does help. I have signed up for some half marathons and look forward to 23rd April. I actually love running now and I never thought I would say that. Every cold or chest infection that stops me running actually makes me angry now…who knew!

So now it’s all about training and fund raising. I have tried to keep some fun going on my social media which has gained some sponsorship already and really just don’t take yourself too seriously. If you’ve not seen my brilliant Rocky homage yet, have a little look at the video here, I’m so lucky to have a creative husband who will happily take the mick out of me! More bake sales, raffles and car boots to come. Wish me luck! Just keep thinking ‘ummmm pasta, as much as I can eat!’