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The Tibbs Family

family-day-tripsThis summer we funded a group trip to a wildlife park.

Amongst the group was the Tibbs family, whose 8 year old son Peter had experienced a significant trauma in April last year, and since then, he has not spoken or been to school.

On returning from the trip, the family’s referrer Mary, got in touch.

“This may be difficult to believe… but on arrival at the park Peter asked a member of staff ‘what does a lion look like?’

By the time he returned to the coach, little Peter was talking and interacting with the other children.

lion-signHe returned to school this week for a slow reintegration, and today he has stayed the whole day.

After a meeting of professionals, we believe that the trip appears to have created a spontaneous recovery – this can happen in trauma victims.

We never expected such a miraculous outcome for the young man!”

-Mary, Referrer of the Tibbs Family