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A chance to be children…

Hi all!! My-oh-my it’s getting nice here – we’ve had some wonderfully bright days. Who says it always rains in the UK?

There’s sunshine and smiles everywhere – it fills me with joy to know there are families enjoying the sunny beaches up and down the coast. Is there anything better than a beach day?

It’s wonderful to hear the children that come to stay bubbling with excitement as they head off to spend a day at the seaside.

As well as the joy of having families come to stay with me, I also love hearing stories that are fed back to the charity from the lovely people who refer families, and the families themselves. I thought I would share a story from a family who came to stay with me at Presthaven a while back and who were in real need of some respite. This is what the Mum, Steph had to say…























It’s stories like this that remind me how something so simple like spending some time away with me at the coast can be such a lifeline for families going through so much at home. And it’s thanks to people like you that I can continue helping people – so thank you!

Speak soon!

The Kids Pass Caravan