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Skimming Stones and Rollerskating!

Cor blimey, what a scorcher! Kids Pass the Caravan here with another monthly update! Now I know us Brits like to talk about the weather, but it is definitely with good reason this week. It certainly makes me fancy a little dip in the sea, but I suppose I have to settle for watching lots of happy children and their families do it instead. Lucky me! We’ve also had a few downpours which has helped to keep me cool.

School’s out for summer which means the park is filling up with excited kids and their families – and it’s only just getting started! I can’t wait to tell you all about the visitors I’ve had.

The team at the charity started sending out holiday offers last November which means for some families the anticipation and excitement has been building for a while. It’s been fantastic to finally get to meet the families!

Recently, I overheard someone at the park saying that a visit to the Wales coastline is good for the soul – and I have to agree! Presthaven really does look beautiful in the sunshine as the sea is all sparkly – it provides a lovely welcome for families coming to stay.

Unsurprisingly the beach and pools always prove to be a smash hit – it’s not hard to feel your mood lifted when splashing about in the waves. Here at Presthaven we’ve got miles of sandy beaches and beautiful sand dunes which I get to show off to families who visit! A family who visited recently LOVED the beach – the Robert’s – I think they were called!

They arrived on a slightly breezy day, I remember as I was just airing out my curtains and feeling the wind through my windows. Dad and his two sons Josh and Finn were so excited to be on holiday and had loved driving along the Wales Expressway! I had heard that at home the boys often had to care for their Dad, so I was happy that they had the chance to laugh, play and feel carefree for a few days.

Sandcastle drawing

It was a real treasure to watch the family grow closer and hear about the adventures that the boys and Dad went on. One day, they came back from a fun-filled afternoon at the beach and Finn was raving about how he had learnt to skim stones – they did get my floors a little sandy mind! Josh was also in his element, as he had got to try fencing and learnt how to roller-skate which he had never done before.

I know that the whole family will take away some very fond memories from their stay with me at Presthaven. Dad’s confidence grew and you could see he began to stress less – he said he felt more confident that he was doing a good job of raising the two boys on his own. The family’s lovely referrer, Julie got in touch and said: “The family are still “buzzing” from their holiday. This family have been through a lot in the last few years and this break gave them some very happy memories.”

It warmed my heart to hear the children laughing and joking together and as they were leaving I heard them say that everything was just brilliant!! It was a happy week we spent together, and I was sad to see them go – but I know I have plenty more families to meet this summer!

Righty-ho, that’s all from me. I’m going to catch a bit of much-needed shut eye before the next family comes. I hope you’ve all got some well-deserved R&R time planned!

Until next time!
Kids Pass the Caravan