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What’s been happening…

The holiday season is in full swing now which is obviously my favourite time of the year! However, first I thought you might like to hear what has been happening in the park so far this year…

January is always a little dreary and the dark skies made me feel a little blue! It can feel a bit lonely when no-one is coming to stay, but it provided some much needed R&R time. I had a little maintenance work done to get me ready to welcome families later on in the year. The quiet season allows me to put my wheels up, have some shut eye and remember all the fun I had with families last summer!

February saw me getting ready to start welcoming families again. I had a deep clean so felt refreshed and ready to be a home for families. The caravan park started to get a little more lively and the sun even made an appearance!

Over the quieter months, the charity team in London work hard to organise the breaks for the upcoming holiday season and start sending out offer letters to families who have been offered a break. I love this time of the year, as we get to start spreading some holiday excitement. The countdown to a holiday can really help to lift a family’s spirits and it’s a lovely feeling knowing that I can give families the break they so desperately need.

Sandcastle drawing

March is one of my absolute favourite months, as I get to meet new people! The first few visitors of the season are always memorable and prepare me for what’s to come throughout the year. I’m always slightly lonely over the winter months, so it’s great to hear children’s laughter and happy parents chatting away again. For many of the families who come to stay, it is the first time they have been on holiday together and for some of the children, it is the first time they have gone to the beach or seen the sea – it makes me dead chuffed to know that I have been a part of that!

The holiday park is always a little manic but lots of fun! The Easter holidays are always a busy time with lots of families enjoying a break
away. And the weather was blooming marvellous!

The sun really does put a pep in your step and gets me dreaming of the families who have stayed before. Sunnier weather makes trips to the beach even more fun and I love overhearing the kids giggle about all the adventures they have been up to each day.

Right, now I think you’re up-to-date and ready for my May update!

Talk soon!

Kids Pass the Caravan