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Winter is on its way!

Hell-oooooh there… it’s me again! The park has been looking rather fine and dandy with all the autumnal colours – there’s even been a little frost on the ground some mornings! The clocks went back at the weekend, which seems to signify that winter is truly on its way. I do love that extra bit of shut-eye, and boy oh boy, did I need it this week!

October half term feels like the last hurrah at the park, as it fills up with families making the most of the week off. It was rather a drizzly week, but despite the rain, (which all the furry four-legged friends seemed to love), families still had a fantastic time.

I had the pleasure of hosting my last family of the season which always feels like an extra special week! And whilst I can’t deny looking forward to a bit of R&R, I’ve had a truly wonderful six months. Seeing so many families arrive and leave at the end of the week with huge smiles on their faces makes me feel on top of the world.

The team at the charity recently told me that out of the referral professionals they asked, over three quarters of them only worked with a handful of families who got to leave their local area over the summer. So I am glad that I could provide families with that chance – and I have YOU to thank for helping me do that.

As the season draws to a close, I’ve been feeling all reflective about all the wonderful families I’ve met – I get a lump in my throat just thinking about some of them. As all of these memories have been whizzing round my head, I thought I would share a collection of quotes from families and referrers who left the charity some lovely feedback!

“It was nice to have time away from the city and as a family to spend quality time together. To be able to take my girls on holiday meant a lot as otherwise they wouldn’t have the same experiences as other children.”

“The best moment was being with my son when he saw the sea for the first time.”

“It was great to spend time together away from the crowdedness of our home.”

“Mum took the little ones swimming a good few times which because of her confidence she wouldn’t usually do, but she did and now it’s to become a regular thing back home.”

“Thank you all so much for this break it was something special as we would not have been able to do this ourselves. We are so grateful to have been chosen. Thank You!!”

“The best moments were all of us being able to have fun together. The younger kids have never been seen the sea before, so when we went to the beach they were amazed and all of them ran to the sea to paddle and swim. It was a lovely feeling to see all the kids splashing around together.”

“The main best moments was just spending time together as a family away from other distractions. I really feel we have connected more.”

“The child is ‘restless’ but in a good way, he is keen to try more new things and he is engaging with the Young Carers Support group much more so that he can continue to widen his horizons.”

“We all seem to be a lot more relaxed, happier and settled, being away from the area for five nights has made such a difference.”

Hearing what a difference a simple break with little old me can mean to families makes me filled with pride – and I hope you do too. Once I’ve had a chance to put my wheels up and reflect, I’ll share even more about the adventures we have had this summer!

Kids Pass the Caravan x