Set yourself a New Year challenge!

Download your paper fortune teller to help find your perfect challenge for the New Year!

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or novice jogger, a keen hiker or biker, or you prefer a challenge of the sweet & savoury variety, we have an event for you.

We’re winding the clock back to a nostalgic playground game and are giving you the chance to release your inner child. Use your fortune teller and find out what event you are destined to take part in this year – download here!

When you step up for your next challenge you can provide struggling families with a much-needed break and the chance for hope, happiness, smiles and sunshine.

Download yours now!

If you can’t remember how to use this…

1) Place your thumb and index fingers of each hand in the four pockets of the events fortune teller.

2) Pick one of the outer words and spell it out whilst alternating a pinching and pulling motion with the teller.

3) After spelling out H-O-P-E, the teller will be showing four images, pick one and repeat the same process, spelling out the word.

4) Once spelt out, pick from one of the four images showing and reveal your events fortune underneath!

Feeling inspired?

Sign up to an event here or contact Michelle on 020 3117 0660 to chat through your ideas.

Together we can help families find sunshine through the rain.