A new addition – Akaroa

Welcoming a new addition to our caravan family

Akaroa unveiledThank you to our generous, long-term supporter Kim Maidment, for helping us grow the number of Family Holiday Association caravans to 14.

We collect many stories each year; most are from the families we help but every so often we receive a story from those who help us. In memory of her late husband, Philip Vernon, and their many travels across the globe together, Kim’s generous and thoughtful consideration allowed the Family Holiday Association to purchase a new caravan, accurately named after the couple’s favourite holiday location, Akaroa, New Zealand. She was supported by many of her friends and family who also contributed in order to provide disabled access, a veranda and other facilities.

“The caravan is designed to help families get together, play games, laugh over meals and reconnect with one another,” states Kim, “which is why I feel it will create many happy memories for those who stay here.”

The most cherished holiday memories we share with our supporters and the families we help, are the simple moments when the hustle and bustle of life fades away – allowing us the truly feel away from it all, which is why holidays matter. Thank you Kim and her friends for helping us give this to those who need it most.