Holidays for Allseasons offers breaks to struggling families

Tingdene’s new brand ‘Holidays for Allseasons’ has teamed up with the Family Holiday Association to give struggling families a break.

Holidays for AllseasonsFounded in 1969 the Tingdene Group of companies first established itself as the leading Park Home manufacturer in the country and since then has expanded its range of operations into becoming one of the UK’s largest operators and owners of residential Park Homes Estates, Inland Marinas, Caravan Parks, Lodge Parks and Chalet Parks.

In 2016 Tingdene have launched a new UK Staycation brand ‘Holidays for Allseasons’ at four locations across North Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire.

This new and exciting staycation brand will be offering unique packages and holiday experiences as well as standard breaks. Holidays for Allseasons are proud to help and support the Family Holiday Association.

Millions of children living in Britain today have never seen the seaside, let alone been on holiday. For them, even the simplest of breaks can be a lifeline, not a luxury. With the charity’s goals in mind, Holidays for Allseasons was a perfect fit to help and support the Holiday for AllseasonsFamily Holiday Association. Holidays for Allseasons will initially be providing accommodation at two locations in Suffolk – Waterside Park on the coast and at Broadlands located at the gateway to the Broads National Park providing short breaks, weeks and hopefully creating long memories for the families.