The charity signs the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Commitment to the Social Tourism sector

istoAt the 8th European Tourism for All forum, on 21-23 October 2015 in Albufeira (Portugal), the INATEL Foundation, the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) and its members, including the Family Holiday Association, showed their commitment to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

A special session was devoted to it, and attended by Mr. Marcio Favilla Luca de Paula, Executive Director for Operational programs and Institutional Relations at UNWTO.

The ISTO President, Mr. Jean Marc Mignon underlined the profound conformity of views between the Organisation and UNWTO on the values put forward by the Global Code. In this text, ISTO found a tourism concept that is at the heart of its commitment for a “responsible tourism”.

Stating that ISTO was one of the first affiliate members of the UNWTO in 1977, Executive Director of UNWTO, Mr. Marcio Favilla gave an overview of the 10 articles of the Code and presented the commitments taken by the private companies and sector associations, before signing the Code himself.

ISTO and ten representative members from Europe and America signed the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, committing themselves to observe its principles, to disseminate it within the global network of social tourism as well as within each of the member organisations, and to report back regularly to UNWTO.

Group of signatories

The signatories of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

The Global code was signed by:

  • International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO)
  • Fundacão INATEL, Portugal
  • Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation, Hungary
  • Joie et Vacances, Belgium
  • Pasar, Belgium
  • Federazione Italiana di Turismo Sociale (FITUS), Italy
  • Family Holiday Association, United Kingdom
  • Union Nationale des Associations de Tourisme (UNAT), France
  • Servicio Social do Comercio (SESC São Paulo), Brazil
  • Conseil québecois du loisir (CQL), Canada
  • Russian International Academy for Tourism (RIAT), Russia

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