Equality for travellers with access requirements is a myth

Responsible Travel’s new report argues that the industry must step up.

Responsible Travel

Activist travel company, Responsible Travel, has revealed the latest chapter in its manifesto for the future of tourism which reports that the travel industry is failing people with accessibility requirements, leaving vast swathes of our global society behind.

Everybody needs global accessibility. 1 in 7 people on the planet live with a disabling condition. Not only that but as a population, we are living longer than ever before which means we’re even more likely to have access requirements in the not so distant future. In fact right now more than 46 percent of people over 60 worldwide live with a disability.

On average, adults with a disability travel just over half the distance of others. Three quarters of people with mental health issues, including anxiety and depression say their disability has stopped them travelling.

Justin Francis, CEO of Responsible Travel says: “The tourism industry can and must do better. Change is possible if businesses can cast aside their fears of not being ‘perfect’ and start real conversations with customers. At the moment we have a dysfunctional market place: there is a demand for accessible tourism services but the market is not supplying. This presents the tourism industry with a huge opportunity – to not only do the right thing but also realise the untapped potential in the £249 billion ‘purple pound’. And let’s not forget, by making our tourism environments more accessible, we also benefit the local communities that live there; creating a win-win for all.”

To read the full report along with the proposed list of actions in the manifesto, please visit https://www.responsibletravel.com/copy/manifesto

An infographic is available here

Responsible Travel have provided funds to the Family Holiday Association through their Trip for a Trip scheme. For more information, click here.

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