Haven donate 40 breaks in 500 for 500 campaign

This week Haven Holidays have donated 40 short breaks towards the charity’s 40th anniversary travel and tourism industry campaign, 500 for 500. This represents 20 pledges and is a welcome boost to the final countdown of this crucial campaign.

As a longstanding supporter of the Family Holiday Association, Haven were delighted to be able to help in this way. It ensures that more struggling families will get to have a much-needed break in the year ahead.

471 pledgesWith just days to go before the official 40th Anniversary year comes to an end, the total number of pledges now stands at 471.

Angie Watson, Fundraising and Comms Manager at the Family Holiday Association said:

“Our charity has always had strong links with the travel and tourism industry thanks to our shared desire to spread happiness, create cherished memories and improve well-being – and the response we have had from the industry so far has been phenomenal.”

500 for 500

“We are thrilled to have received 20 pledges worth of breaks from our key partner Haven Holidays. They have helped on our final countdown, we’re getting really close to reaching our 500 for 500 campaign target.”

FHA_500for500_Totaliser_Digital_470_vShellRuth Kemplen of Haven Holidays, part of the Bourne Leisure group, said: “As part of the travel industry we see first-hand the benefits that a break can have. So it’s our pleasure to donate 40 breaks to the Family Holiday Association and be able to help even more families who may have never spent time away from home yet desperately need a break.”

The charity’s official 40th Anniversary year comes to an end on 27 May, so there’s just enough time to make a pledge and help everyone involved with the 500 for 500 campaign to achieve something amazing together.

To see live updates of the pledge total, and to make a pledge of £500 or any multiple of this amount, click here.